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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Ikkiro [Media Invite]

As I pushed the glass doors button and walked into Ikkiro, I immediately felt a change of mood. The environment was comfortable under its lighting with its cosy 4 seasons theme and soothing music running in the background.


Spring Theme

Theme Winter


The eatery has designed a pathway from its entrance all the way to its back lending a good stroll with AI Images and decorative items along the way. 


We enjoyed the chilled tofu which was topped with katsuobushi, green onion and chilli oil.

Hiyayakko Tofu - $7

These eggs were well-seared and topped with yummy Mentaiko sauce.

Tamago Mentaiko Aburi - $9

Let’s head to the hot food. These bite-size deep fried chicken were yummy and if you are having beer, it will be a perfect combination.

Chicken Karaage - $9 (7 Pcs)

The Gyoza skin was thin and tender. Each Gyoza was filled with a mixture of vegetables and chicken.

Gyoza - $9 (6 Pcs)

Enjoy Japanese snacks like their Fried Takoyaki Balls in the sauce.

Fried Takoyaki Balls - $9 (7 Pcs)

The fried Sesame Chicken wings were yummy too.

Grilled Sirloin in cubes was so yummy and paired with a bed of beansprouts.

Beef Cubes - $16

Ikkiro’s Signature Beef Ramen can be served in either Dry or Soup, depending on diners’ preference. The slices of golden coin beef was tender and you can see the beautiful distinctive layers of the meat.  The bowl of ramen comes with spring onions, nori strips and beansprouts. If you are opting for the Beef Ramen Soup version, you get to enjoy the umami taste in the broth!

Signature Beef Ramen (Soup) - $16.90

Signature Beef Ramen (Dry) - $16.90

Ikkiro’s Pork Ramen comes in 2 versions too, Dry or Soup. Each bowl comes with smoked pork jowl, corn, spring onions and nori strips. Enjoy the well-flavoured Tonkotsu Pork Broth if you are ordering the Soup version.

Ikkiro Pork Ramen (Soup) - $15.90 

Ikkiro Pork Ramen (Dry) - $15.90 

If you prefer Rice over Ramen, do check out their Donburi. For the Donburi, there are 4 selections on the Menu according to the 4 Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter) aligning with Ikkiro’s Theme. Let’s take a look.

Japanese Rice with smoked pork jowl and delicious Onsen egg.

The Summer Don (Chicken) was made up of Savoury minced chicken meat topped with runny onsen egg. Yuma!

While if you prefer Japanese Unagi, go for this Autumn Don. The Nihon Unagi is glazed in rich and savoury sauce, accompanied by onsen egg too.

Ikkiro Spring Don (Pork) - $15.90, Ikkiro Summer Don (Chicken) - $16.90, Ikkiro Autumn Don (Unagi) - $16.90

Into the Winter, the offer the exquisite sirloin beef paired with fragrant black truffle and onsen egg. If you enjoyed the beef cubes, this is not to be missed.

Ikkiro Winter Don - $19.90

If you want to enjoy or unwind in a restful and pleasant environment, do make a reservation with Ikkiro.

Thank you Lao Niang Agency for the invitation.

Location: The Rise @ Oxley,  71 Oxley Rise, #01-03, Singapore 238698

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