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Friday, October 6, 2023

Al Ameen @ Hillview

Al-Ameen at Hillivew is one of the popular places for Pratas and other Muslim food located among the landed estate.


The friendly service staff and spacious environment are the perks of why we are making a return here always.


My Prata Meal can never go complete without a cup of Teh Tarik or Teh Halia.

Teh Tarik and Teh Halia

Tea Halia & Tea Tarik Ice

Ice Milo & Teh O Ice - $2 & $1.60

Teh O (Hot) & Teh O Ice with Lime - $1 & $2

The place is not too crowded and offers one of the better pratas among the estate. I ordered Egg Onion prata and it was served on a plate with a small cup of curry.

Telur Bawang 

Kosong Prata was crispy. 

Prata Kosong

Dipped the prata into the given curry and enjoy your meal.

Prata & Curry

What a good recommendation by the boss! Thosai was fluffy and fragrant. The boss even mentioned that this tastes best when eaten using bare hands. Do not worry about getting your hands dirty as there is a water basin at the back of the eatery.


Our Thosai experience was also enhanced by dipping them into the different type of gravy.

Dipping Tosai into Curry

As we had been ordering their Egg Onion and Kosong Prata in our previous visits, we decided to order the Planta (Margarine) Prata for a tryout. The taste was quite decent without any strong Planta Margarine smell, nonetheless, the prata still remains crispy.

Planta (Margarine) Prata, Egg Onion, Egg  - $3, $2.50, $2

Mee Rebus's gravy was decadent and had a good hint of peanut aroma in the gravy.

Mee Rebus - $3.80

The flavourful and delightful mix of the texture of the dish with vegetables cooked to their softness together with Rice cakes and hard-boiled egg soaked in the creamy curry gravy topped with some fried crumbs. 

Lontong - $3.80

The meal was quite filling for my stomach with rice cakes. The curry gravy together with the plain rice cake was a good combination. Adding on their sambal chilli with fried anchovies definitely enhanced the taste of this dish.

Carrot & Rice Cake

Mee Siam was quite decent too with a generous amount of Bee Hoon. I still think that the main hit of their Malay Dishes lies in the Sambal Chilli which packs a good fragrance and sweetness.

Mee Siam - $3.80

We will be back for more items on their menu, perhaps the Dum Briyani as recommended by the friendly boss.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Al Ameen @ Hillview
 5 Chu Lin Rd, Singapore 669893

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