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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Sum Dim Sum

The queue for Sum Dim Sum was crazy for us as we had to stand at the narrow passageway with passersby squeezing through us frequently and to make things worst, the weather was not doing any justice. Finally, we were approached by the staff and agreed to take the non-air-conditioned seating outside the restaurant bearing in mind with the hot weather.

Sum Dim Sum

Adding on to the long queue, it seems like the place was short-handed. We quickly made our order and submitted it to the kitchen.

Sum Dim Sum Menu

The Pan Fried Carrot was overloaded with fried onion. The texture was soft and tasted on the average side. 

Pan Fried Carrot Cake 煎萝卜糕 - $5

Homemade Barley & Chrysanthemum Tea - $4.30 & $2.40

No herbal taste but on the sweeter side with Abalone Sauce. The chicken feet were not too bad, garnishing like ginger, chilli and spring onions are added.

Chicken Feet with Abalone Sauce 鲍汁闷鸡爪 - $5.50

It will be economical to buy 6 as 3 costs $5.50. The Xiao Long Bao was pretty decent and average tasting. However, it still cannot beat the Michelin awarded one in the chained restaurant.

Xiao Long Bao 小笼包 - $10.60 (6 PCs)

The congee was an average fare too.
Century Egg & Lean Meat Congee 皮蛋瘦肉粥 - $5.20

The Fresh Prawn Dumplings was quite an average fare to me.

Fresh Prawn Dumpling 鲜虾虾饺 - $4.90

The Skin of Siew Mai was on the thicker side and the meat had a funny taste.

Wolfberry with Mushroom Siew Mai 枸纪子烧卖 - $4.80

The fried Prawn Roll in Beancurd Skin was crispy and the prawn was juicy. 

 Fried Prawn Roll in Beancurd Skin 脆炸虾腐皮卷 - $4.80

Their Signature Pandan Crispy Pork Buns are unique. The crispy exterior was addictive and reminded me of Tim Ho Wan's Polo Bun but with an elevation of Pandan's fragrance. 

Signature Pandan Crispy Pork Bun 招牌斑斓脆皮叉烧包 - $6

A praiseworthy dish on their menu. 

Char Siew inside

The Cantonese-style BBQ Pork Rice Roll was not too bad. Love the sweet soy sauce over the rolls.

BBQ Pork Rice Roll 叉烧肠粉 - $4.90

We took the chance to order a noodle dish from their Dim Sum Menu. The KL Hokkien noodles were thick and overly sweetened by the black sauce. There were not many ingredients and limited to a few prawns, cabbages and a few pieces of lean meat.

KL Hokkien Noodles - $10.90

The dim Sum Meal ends with the oriental dessert, Osmanthus Jelly. It was served in 3 cubes and orange transparent jelly topped with Osmanthus. Not too sweet but also not to our liking. 

Osmanthus Jelly 晶莹桂花糕- $4.70

No doubt that their dim sum was freshly made with traditional recipes, there are still many competitors out there for their dim sum which can be better and worth the money spent. The time we spent in the queue did not make justice to our meal here. Perhaps, it's best to make a reservation before heading down there.

Rating: 3 / 5

Sum Dim Sum
161 Jln Besar, Singapore 208876

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