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Monday, July 31, 2023

Sen Sen Sushi

What's with the long queue outside Don Don Doki recently? Well, Don Don Donki had recently launched Sen Sen Sushi in JEM on 28 July 2023 and it's drawing lots of attention.

The queue of Sen Sen Sushi

This Japanese Supermarket has continued to gain popularity among consumers not only by providing accessibility to a huge variety of Japanese items, snacks, bentos etc. A peek into the restaurant had already given us a comfortable feel with its warm wood interior design. Besides sitting beside the conveyor belt, you can also choose areas without the conveyor belt.


Looking through the glass panels outside Sen Sen, we get to see Staff carrying out the cuts on the fish.

Staff on Job

No doubt that they are only a few days into the operation, but I'm quite impressed by the efficiency from the food served to their customer service. 

For orders that we had placed, it will be served through the high-speed conveyor belt system through the miniature "Shinkansen" aka High-Speed Rail. Dining time is limited to 60 minutes per table.

High-Speed Conveyor Belt System

A good mixture in the Oishi Sushi Set. It comprised Salmon, Shrimp, Conger Eel and Pickled Mackerel. The delectable pieces of sushi were all complemented by the vinegary sushi rice.

Oishi Sushi Set 箱寿司拼盘 - $6.80

I'm still game about Sword Fish and was impressed that diners were given sealed fresh grated wasabi to dip their sushi.

Sword Fish - $2.80 & Tamago Yaki - $2.50

The tempura was light on the palettes and was not too greasy. Assortment includes Shrimp, Squid, Crab Stick, Mushroom and lady finger.

Assorted Tempura - $9.80

One of the must-try will be their Sukiyaki Style Seared Wagyu. Love the tenderness of the meat. The rice of the sushi was compact and regular in rectangular shape.

Sukiyaki Style Seared Wagyu - $5.80, Seared Scallop - $3.50, Seared Tamago Mentai - $3.50

Chuka Hotate - $2.80, Shrimp - $2.80, Inari - $2.50, Eel $2.80

Littleneck Clam Miso Soup was tasty and those 6 clams were chewy. The soybean-based soup was not too salty.

Littleneck Clam Miso Soup - $2.80

This reminds me of the Mille Crepe we purchased from DDD (Don Don Doki) Supermarket. The Mille Crepe was decent and the alternating layers of crepe with cream were good enough for us.

Tiramisu Mille Crepe - $3.80

Dig our spoons into the wobbly hot cup of Chawanmushi and we found scallops, mushrooms, crab sticks as well as edamame! 

Japanese Steamed Egg - $2.80

If you are going for quality over quality Sushi, Sen Sen Sushi will be the choice and comparable to Sushiro in my opinion. However, Genki Sushi will still be my top preference among the conveyor belt sushi eateries.

We waited for 45 minutes in the crowd for a table. What's the conclusion? I won't mind revisiting again but given a shorter waiting time.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Sen Sen Sushi
JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-27/29, Singapore 608549

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