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Sunday, July 30, 2023

Rong Ji Hong Kong Soup 荣记香港老火汤

While most of the time visiting this coffee shop lands us in having our meals with Chiang Mai Kitchen, we decided to check out its neighbouring stall for some Hong Kong Casserole Dishes. The dishes on the menu are plenty that we are simply spoilt for choices. They have the Staples Hong Kong Soup Dishes as well as those day-to-day dishes that can be prepared by our mums or granny. 

Stall of Rong Ji Hong Kong Soup

For those who do not mind bitter gourd dishes, this dish brings out the sweetness together with the stewed pork ribs.

Stewed Pork Ribs with Bittergourd in Casserole 砂锅苦瓜焖排骨 - $8

The brinjal was cooked to softened and went quite well with some minced meat as well as the accompanying sweet sauce.

Braised Brinjals 红烧茄子 - $8

The texture of of liver was just right enough, it was soft and not on the tough side.  The use of ginger in this sauce had kind of reduce the innards gamey taste. I love the sauce to go on my white rice. 

Pig's Liver in Casserole 砂锅猪肝 - $6

There are soup dishes too. This Watercress & Carrot with Pork Ribs Soup tasted so home cooked. Enjoy this superfood which is packed of alot of nutrients and helps to promote healthy bones.

Watercress & Carrot with Pork Ribs Soup 西洋菜红萝卜排骨汤 - $4.80

The non oily version of Sesame Chicken. I could not resist to praise their food further for such dish tasted so at home. The chicken was braised in the sweet sesame fragrant sauce with mushrooms. This is also good to pair with a bowl of white rice.

Sesame Chicken in Casserole 砂锅麻油鸡翅 - $5

The Vinegar Pig Trotter is well known as a confinement dish and its nourishing benefits. Not many places would have served such dishes and this pig trotter dish is simply good with its sauce and the tender trotter meat. 

Hong Kong Style Vinegar Pig's Trotter 香港猪脚醋 - $6

The use of fermented beancurd among the assorted vegetables gave a good flashback to those days when we used to have simple home-cooked meals. The vegetables made the gravy sweet with the fermented beancurd and yes, they went so well with the rice.

Assorted Vegetables with Fermented Beancurd 南乳什菜 - $6

I'm super impressed by the woman behind the wok for she can prepare so many varieties of dishes within a short time frame. Not only that every dish she prepared and cooked was so homely in taste. I will be back again for other dishes on the menu.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Rong Ji Hong Kong Soup 荣记香港老火汤
282A Toh Guan Rd, Singapore 601282

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