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Monday, July 17, 2023

Restaurant Tiong An (Tiong An Coffee House)

While exploring the eateries in Taman Perling area, we discovered Restoran Tiong An as one of our breakfast places in Johor Bahru. Every visit was present with their friendly servers and quick service.

Restaurant Tiong An (Tiong An Coffee House)

With a brown colour theme and cement screed flooring, Tiong An had given diners like us a nostalgic feel of an old-school coffee house.


Should you look around in the Coffee House, you will notice some old-school items like this that is eye-catching to our eyes.


If you are keen on some sweets or even biscuits, do help yourselves from the jars. Tiong An offers them free of charge for their customers.

Self Service Area

During a period, they were serving free Cheng Tng and Barley Water to their customers.

Free Serve

One of us was missing this traditional gem biscuits and took this for sharing. 

Self Service

By looking into Tiong An Cafe's Menu, be sure that you will be spoilt of choices.

Tiong An Cafe

While such beverages in Singapore seem rare and uncommon, it's the reverse in Malaysia. Perk up your morning with a traditional cup of butter coffee like this!

Butter Coffee 古香奶油咖啡 - RM 4

While some of us is having coffee, some of us have tea too.


Kind of regretted ordering this drink as it was not the kind of Cendol we had in Singapore. There were 3 layers with the top portion being the Cendol Coconut Jelly, the middle with milk and the bottom with Gula Melaka. It tasted weird to me, especially on the milk portion.

Cendol 煎惹三色奶 - RM 8.50

How about having instant noodles in a claypot with egg added? You can try their version of Maggi Mee Goreng, either in spicy or non-spicy form.

Maggi Mee Goreng (Dry) 招牌祖传快熟面 - RM 7.50

The toast was crispy and savoury with its cheese, ham and Mayo. 

Cheese Ham Mayo Whole Bread 芝士火腿美乃滋全麦面包 - RM 8.30

Cheesy and yummy toast with some hints of pepper. Order this!

Potato Chicken Toast 马铃薯鸡肉三明治 - RM 8.80

Nasi Lemak without a lot of ingredients. Simple! The rice is fragrant though and went well with the chilli.

Nasi Lemak with Egg 鸡蛋椰浆饭 - RM 6.90 

Not a bad choice if you are looking for Fried Kueh Tiow in the morning. It's tasty even though there was not much ingredients.

Kueh Tiow Goreng 炒果条 - RM 9.20 

One of the team's favourite dishes to order as the dish carries a light and savoury fragrant without being too spicy. The mixed vegetables and rice cake goes well with the delectable gravy. 

Lontong Sayur 印尼什锦菜- RM 9.80

A combination of Bee Hoon in Chicken Soup and I requested them to be served without chilli. The serving was rather plain with cabbages, boiled egg and chicken as ingredients, topped with roasted peanuts. Thai Lime was also given in the soup.

Soto Ayam 印尼鸡汤 - RM 9.80

For so many trips here to Tiong An, we have been focusing on the similar bread and dishes till I decided to try out their Nasi Goreng even though its quite unusual that I will like to have such dish for breakfast. Well, let's do it. The Nasi Goreng is fragrant and fried in mixed vegetables, topped with sunny side up egg.

Nasi Goreng Tiong An 招牌炒饭 - RM 10.80

The scrambled eggs were sandwiched in between the triangular toast. Those eggs were creamy and moist. Yummy!

Egg Sandwich whole wheat bread 鸡蛋三明治全麦面包 - RM 5.30

Our friend caught us by surprise for craving this for his breakfast. The drumsticks were dry but the meat was close to the taste of KFC. This is also their recommended Special Snack on the menu.

Crispy Fried Chicken Set 香脆炸鸡套餐 - RM 12.90

It's an opened tuna sandwich, Tuna was spread on lettuce evenly on top of the bread with a mixture of spring onions. 

Tuna Sandwich 吞拿鱼三明治 - RM 6.80

There are many dishes we have not tried. I guess there will be many chances, we will be back there again.

Restaurant Tiong An (Tiong An Coffee House)
 NO. 19 & 21, Jalan Camar 1/1, Taman Perling, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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