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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

8 Toasts

Passing this place a number of times and with the "Nanyang Kopitiam" wording keep resounding in my mind, I was determined to visit Eight Toast for our breakfast if we ever make a trip down to Taman Perling again.

Restoran Eight Toast
Restoran Eight Toast

The Interior of 8 Toasts were modernly furnished and Menu is quite extensive with lots of selections. 

Eight Toast's Menu
Eight Toast's Menu

Simply got attracted by the Ice Bath Beverages and we straight away ordered it.  You can opt for Ice Teh, Coffee or even Chocolate. What's your choice?

HK Ice Bath Teh 冰镇奶茶
HK Ice Bath Teh 冰镇奶茶  - RM 7.90

The presentation of their Egg Mee Rebus scored but the taste of the Mee Rebus gravy was lacking the peanut fragrance and punch that we had back in Singapore. No doubt the ingredients were aplenty, the taste just could not do justice to the Mee Rebus we expected.

Egg Mee Rebus 鸡蛋爪哇面
Egg Mee Rebus 鸡蛋爪哇面 - RM 7.80

The savoury and energy boasting french toast to kick start a beautiful morning? Well, enjoy!

Chocolate Banana French Toast 巧克力香蕉法式吐司
Chocolate Banana French Toast 巧克力香蕉法式吐司 - RM 6.90

Another toast that we thought was unique. The mushrooms were fragrant and surrounded the egg on the toast.

Butter Mushroom Toasts 黄油蘑菇土司
Butter Mushroom Toasts 黄油蘑菇土司 - RM 6.80

The serving portion gave us a shock but then the presentation of the Peanut Butter Toast had striked a balance in the overall score. We were a fan of the crispy toast and the creamy buttery peanut that was sandwiched by the crispy layers.

Peanut Butter Toast 双倍牛油花生酱烤面包
Peanut Butter Toast 双倍牛油花生酱烤面包 - RM 5.20

What's the typical Singapore & Malaysian breakfast with toast but without Half Boiled Eggs?  It would not be completed without having them altogether. The eggs were perfectly done with the right doneness. 

Half Boiled Egg 半生熟蛋
Half Boiled Egg 半生熟蛋 - RM 1.90 each or RM 3.60 for 2

Here's our orders at 8 Toasts for the morning. Looking at the cozy and friendly environment, I do not see any reason not to be back here any sooner.

Our Breakfast

8 Toasts
Location: 11, Jalan Camar 2, Taman Perling, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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