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Friday, June 16, 2023

Restoran Chao Shan @ Desa Cemerlang

We were looking for some good food in Johor and chancing upon the Teochew cuisine on the google maps, we navigate ourselves there without further ado.

Restoran Chao Shan

As I flipped through the Authentic Teochew Cuisine Menu, I was simply overwhelmed by this extensive selection. Being gluttony, we had eventually ordered more than what we can consume.


Our Teochew Cuisine starts off with this staple, the Chilled Jellied Pork Knuckle. It caught me by surprise that such a traditional dish was so packed full of braised herbal taste. The Pork Kunckle was tasty and definitely commendable. 

Teochew Chilled Jellied Pork Knuckle 潮州水晶猪脚冻 - RM 19.90

The Teochew Fried Hor Fun was so yummy. The dish was tastily fried with ingredients such as radish, minced meat, shredded carrot, mushrooms and eggs. Totally love how the dish was executed.

Teochew Fried Hor Fun with Fried Radish 潮汕菜脯炒河粉 - RM 8.90

The shredded meat was stirred and fried together with spring onions, onions and sweet sauce which makes the dish so delectable. 

老姜丝炒肉根 - RM 21.90

We were contemplating ordering this dish as we know that it will quickly fill up most of the stomach space with its starchy ingredient. In the end, we still could not resist and went ahead ordering this.

Teochew Shark Fin Soup 潮汕红烧鱼翅羹 - RM 43.90

The Teochew Vegetable mix was quite interesting to me as it comprised of a mixture of ingredients like ginkgo, fried lotus root and lily with preserved vegetables. I have not had such a dish till I went to Restoran Chao Shan.

Teochew Vegetable Mix Lotus Root with Lily 潮州八景 - RM 16.90

Porridge with Dried Scallops and Fish Fillet 瑶柱鲜鱼片粥 RM 9.90

The braised duck was served with Tau Gua and was very well braised to its tenderness. The traditional braised taste was up to mark and the meat was tender.

Braised Duck 卤水肥鸭 - RM 18.90

We were glad that we almost finished 99% of the food. Overall, I would say that the authenticity of Teochew Cuisine was laudable and if there are chances, I will very much like to make a return trip here for other dishes that I am not able to order in this trip.

Restoran Chao Shan @ Desa Cemerlang
Desa Cemerlang, No 18, Jalan Rawa 5, Taman Desa Cemerlang, 81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor, Malaysia

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