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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Hong Li Catering [Media Invite]

The Grand Opening of Hongli Catering's Flagship outlet at Ang Mo Kio Industrial Estate. Having 4 outlets in Singapore, Hongli Catering proudly unveils its newest culinary heaven. Let's indulge in our tastebuds and experience the epitome of gastronomic delight, enjoying their signature dishes that doles out from the kitchen timely.

Hong Li Catering

Besides the usual Cze Char Dishes, they also offer Buffet catering services.



The fish steamboat broth was not too bad but I still preferred having fried yam in it. It was tasty and was charcoal heated.

Fish Steamboat

It takes a while for the broth to be bubbling and thereafter, we threw in the slices of fish accordingly.

Raw Fish for Steamboat.

It's quite interesting to see them serving BBQ Seafood like Big Prawns, Sotong, Stingrays and Seabass over the sizzling hot plate. The big prawns were succulent and topped with Sambal Belachan and raw onions. 

BBQ Big Prawns 烧烤大虾 - $25 / $35

Pork ribs and yam ring were yummy.

Yam Ring and Pork Ribs 排骨佛本飘香

Asam's dish was appetizing and a good pairing to our plates of rice. Sotong was tender and rolled up in pretty cuts, immersing into the Asam dish with tomato, onions and lady's fingers.


One of their recommended vegetable dishes on the menu will be this Dried Scallop Kai Lan. I enjoyed the crunchy bites from the stalks of the Kai Lan added with the shredded fried driver scallop and vegetables. Yummy!

Dried Scallop Kai Lan 干贝香颂港芥兰 - $15 / $22

New on the menu, the Big prawns were generously coated in the savoury pumpkin sauce. They were plump and succulent. Besides having this latest flavour, they do offer Coconut Milk Cheese, Salted Egg, Cereal and Rice Wine Prawns too.

Prawns with Pumpkin Sauce 金瓜大虾

The naturally sweet taste of the Lala makes up a good broth. It was added with some bird-eye chilli, giving the soup an additional fiery kick. I like the way it was served over the fire as it helps in keeping the dish warm. If you prefer another cooking style for the Lala, you can opt to cook them with Ginger Onion.

Spicy Lala Soup 上汤啦啦 - $15 / $25

The Pork Trotter was well braised and served in earthen claypot. The presentation of the dish was livened up with the use of broccoli.

Pork Trotter 蜜汁圆蹄

The seafood as well as the mixed vegetables made up the delectable sauce that went well with our plates of white rice. Yi Pin Hot Pot was delicious with mushrooms, abalone, broccoli, and prawns.

Yi Pin Hot Pot 一品锅 - $25 / $38

Thank you Lao Niang Agency for the invitation.

Hong Li Catering
 Blk 5023 Ang Mo Kio Ind Park 2, Singapore 569526 (Flagship)

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