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Friday, April 14, 2023

Seasonal Tastes at The Westin Singapore [Media Invite]

Seasonal Tastes at the Westin Singapore is featuring The Great Thai Feast, bringing back a popular Thai dinner buffet and featuring flavours from a number of regions of Thailand ~ Northern, Southern, North East and street food of Bangkok. This Thai Feast runs from 3rd April to 30th April 2023 at Dinner Time from 6pm to 10.30pm at $88++ per person.

Seasonal Tastes at The Westin Singapore

Let's embark on a gastronomic journey without physically flying over to the Land of Thousand Smiles, together with their resident Thai Chefs.

The Great Thai Feast

Chef pop's family used to ran a food business and he is trying to work hard in order to reopen his family business and bring back the legacy. Don't miss out his Pad Thai Lobster and the Northeast part of Thailand's Sausage dish.

Chef Por's incorporate the widely known dish in Chiang Mai, Khao Soi, with a personal touch with addition of lobster and her mother's secret Khao Soi paste.

Chef JoJo showcases his favourite food, Phuket Moo Hong, a Southern-style pork belly stew cooked using the sous vide method, on low heat over 12 hours so the meat is soft, tender and full of exploding flavors.

Resident Thai Chefs

Reservations were made and we got ourselves a table with a great view from level 32.

Level 32

While our table is situated near the desserts counter, we took a look before making our rounds at the Thai Action Station. There are assorted Kuehs, cut fruits, Thai Desserts too.,


While passing by this small portion of Mango Sticky Rice, I'm quite tempted to consume them before my buffet dinner but luckily I still manage to resist and had it after my dinner.

Mango Sticky Rice

Desserts Area

Assorted Kuehs

Assorted Kuehs

As we walked over near to Seasonal Tastes entrance, our attention was all captured by this Blue Crab Som Tum station.

Blue Crab Som Tum

Decorations of Thai Sacred animal is placed at the booth.


Not only that, the 

Sawadee Ka

Order your serving of Blue Crab Som Tum and enjoy the service staff mixing this Thai Salad in from of your eyes.

Mixing Som Tum

Adding Condiments

The Blue Swimmer Crab Som Tum was mixed with shredded papaya, Tomato, Lime, Peanuts, Sakura Shrimp, Chili and Crispy Pig Skin.

Blue Crab Som Tum

Looks what's on the carving station?

From The Carving Station

The heavy whiff of aroma from the wok had gained my senses and drew me closer. I looked and was excited about what was cooking in the wok.

Chef at Work

I'm in love with their Lobster Phad Thai for its authenticity. The "Wok Hei" taste from the noodles was notable with raw beansprouts, sugar, chilli powder flakes as toppings. A stalk of green leek accompanied the dish with the lobster had gave the plate of noodles a good color presentation.

Lobster Pad Thai

Take a look at the red-shell crustacean.


Head over to this counter for their Shrimp Paste Fried Rice with Condiments

Khao Kluk Kapi

Here's Chef Pop's signature Isan Sausage (Homemade Thai Pork Sausage), do have a try.

Thai Pork Sausage

The Stir-Fried Minced Pork with Hot Basil was cooked together with squid. Simply love the Basil herb fragrance.

Stir-Fried Minced Pork with Hot Basil

Moving over to Chef Jojo's counter...

Chef Jojo's Moo Hoong

The Thai Pork Stew aka "Moo Hoong" was a speciality by Chef Jojo. It was perfectly stewed in its flavours with a good hint of Cinamon, star anise clove etc. It does have a good ratio of fatty and lean meat. 

Thai Pork Stew

Heading to the Tom Yum Goong counter, we had this spicy & Sour Broth with the River Prawn, Tomato, Galangal, Straw Mushroom, Kaffir Leaves as well as Shallot.

Tom Yum Soup

While we tried to be healthy in all buffet dinners, we had some vegetables on top of those vegetables from the salad bar.

Stir-Fried Vegetables

The Stirred Fried Crab in Yellow Curry was aromatic and yummy.

Poo Pad Pong Kari

Chef Por's

Was quite excited to see my favourite Thai Boat Noodles. This station was shared and if you are looking for Northern Thai Chicken and Lobster Curry Noodles from Chef Por's Special, they are there too.

Preparation of Thai Boat Noodles

Enjoy a good bowl of Thai Boat Noodle with either Rice or Egg Noodles with ingredients like Meatballs, Pork Liver, Beef Tendon, Beef Tribe as well as sliced beef.

Thai Boat Noodle

Complete the meal with Cha Yen aka Thai Milk Tea.

Thai Milk Tea

Apart from types of Thai Dishes, there are also mainstays such as Sashimi, Sushi, Oyster, Seafood, carving station, Cheese & Bread, and local as well as international desserts.

Over at the Charcuterie & Cheese counters...


If you are looking for some mainstays, they have Cold Cuts like, Beef Salami, Honey as well as Black Forest Ham.

Cold Cuts

With the cheese and cold cuts, you may want to pair them with some bread.


While reserving some stomach spaces for the desserts portion, we had some Rose Jelly (Gluten Free).

Rose Jelly (Gluten Free)

We also enjoyed some Pastries and cakes.

Cake, Pastry and Fruits

Have some refreshing coconut milk dessert. Love the fragrant jackfruit ingredient as well as the jelly.

Coconut Milk Dessert

Ending the buffet meal with a sweet note, we had a few scoops of Gelato. The strawberry, vanilla and chocolate 


Join The Great Thai Feast from April 3 to 30, 2023, for dinner, from 6 PM to 10:30 PM, at S$88++ per person. Bring your Thai friends to enjoy the buffet at a special price of S$55.50++* per person and S$5.50++* per glass of chilled juice or soft drink.

*Terms and conditions apply. Limited to a maximum of five persons per reservation. At least one Thai national must be in the group for all members to enjoy the discounted price. Advance reservation is required.

Thank you The Westin Singapore for the invitation.

Seasonal Tastes
The Westin Singapore, 12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2 Singapore 018961

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