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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Hanazen Japanese Restaurant 花膳日式料理

Indulge in some Japanese Food at Mount Austin without breaking your pockets. For this trip, we headed to Hanazen Japanese Restaurant

Hanazen Japanese Restaurant

The decorations were pretty zen with Mount Fuji as a backdrop on one side of the wall with faux Sakura flowers by the side. The wooden decors and furnishing gave a good feel of a typical Japanese restaurant.

Restaurant Decor

We started with some cold green tea while waiting for the food. They are refillable.

Refillable Green Tea

What's entering a Japanese Restaurant without having some slices of Salmon? We would like to have more variety like Mekajiki but too bad it was not available. Nonetheless, we were still satisfied with our mainstream order of Salmon Sashimi.

Salmon Sashimi

Under the Nigiri Sushi, they have Maguro Sushi and for the Aburi Nigiri Sushi, we ordered the Salmon Volcano Sushi which is topped with cheese.

Salmon Volcano Sushi 火山三文鱼寿司 & Maguro Sushi 金枪鱼寿司 - RM 6.50 & RM 6
(2 Pcs Each)

Similarly, the Aburi Ika Sushi is also topped with cheese. The Nama Hotate Sushi was topped with bright orange egg roes.

Nama Hotate Sushi & Aburi Ika Sushi - RM 25 & 6 (Price at 2 Pcs Each)

Good for sharing Sushi Rolls under their Special Roll Series on the Menu. Like most of the Japanese restaurants in Singapore, you will find the King Prawn Roll Series like this topped with sweet Mango Slices and Mayonaise with sushi rice encasing portions of the prawn meat.

Mango Fried King Prawn Roll 芒果帝皇虾卷

If you are looking for a set meal, look under their Set Teishoku and be spoilt for choices. The Tempura Mori Set comes with a bowl of rice, Chawanmushi, Slices of Watermelon, Pickles, Miso Soup, salad with Thousand Island sauce and 3 Ebi Tempura.

Tempura Mori Set 综合天- RM 23.90

While another set like Salmon comes with the option of Teriyaki or Shio. The items in the set are standard with a bowl of rice, Chawanmushi, Slices of Watermelon, Pickles, Miso Soup, and salad with Thousand Island sauce. Salmon was well glazed in Teriyaki Sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Salmon Shio / Teriyaki Set 盐/酱烤三文鱼定食 - RM 26.90

Another set that we had ordered was the Katsu Set. There is a choice of chicken or pork and we had the Tori (chicken) Katsu.

Tori Katsu / Buta Miso Set - RM 22.90

If you love Saba Fish, you may want to order their Saba Shio.

Saba Shio 烤鲭鱼 - RM 14.90

Next up, the Cheese and Miso on the prawn is one of the better choices too!

Ebi Miso Yaki 味增帝皇虾 - RM 13.90

The Ebi Mentai Yaki was generously topped with delicious Mentai and looks perfect.

Ebi Mentai Yaki 烤明太帝皇虾 - RM 13.90 

Although the variety of Japanese Food may not be very extensive, I find that the food was pretty decent. On top of that, the server who served us was patient with the food introduction and her friendliness was praiseworthy.

Hanazen Japanese Restaurant 花膳日式料理
Location: 28, Jln Austin Heights 8/2, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia 

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