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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Restoran Al-Safa

We settled down quickly. Restoran Al-Safa is our place for lunch and besides the Prata Stall that is around, we had chosen to replenish our carbs with rice and dishes instead. The dining environment was bustling with people and quite airy.

Dining Area

We were all hungry after visiting the beautiful Blue Lake nearby and tried our best to order the dishes and rice despite the language barrier. 

Our Lunch

One of the side dishes will be Fried Calamari or the local called it "Sotong". It was well fried to its orange-golden perfection. 

Fried Squid

These Mutton tasted not bad and definitely something that suits our tastebud. It was not too tough and the gravy was not too spicy. 


Looking at the variety of dishes available, the Ayam Goreng was on my MUST-HAVE list. The crispy batter as well as its fragrant were enticing.

Ayam Goreng

While lining up in the queue, many patrons were ordering this and we were curious. We could only figure out what it was called once we tried it ourselves. Basically, it was slices of bitter gourd deep-fried with crispy red batter.

Fried Bitter Gourd

The next dish we had was fried egg. The way how these eggs were prepared simply look like those toppings we usually had on the traditional bowls of sliced fish soup.

Fried Egg

We opted for the Biryani rice over white rice and this long-grain rice comes with pickled vegetables (carrots, pineapple, cucumber and onion).


It's not quite often that I had non-Chinese mixed rice, I find that their food was decent with a good variety to choose from. It will be perfect if the dishes were served warm but so far most of such dishes were served in room temperature.

Restoran Al-Safa
Jalan Persisiran Seri Alam, Bandar Baru Seri Alam, 81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia

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