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Friday, March 24, 2023

Gyoza San [Media Invite]

What an interesting concept of a takeaway kiosk for gyoza I thought. Gyoza-San freshly prepared their Gyozas daily and they are so specialized to the point that they have a gyoza-making machine.

Gyoza San

The packaging was neat, presentable and thoughtful for patrons to carry around. 

Gyoza San

Never know that Gyoza can be done with an assortment of flavours. If you prefer the Thai taste, they do have Tom Yam Kung Gyoza and if you prefer the Korean style, the Kimchi Gyoza is available too. I guess to gauge the quality and standard of the Gyozas, I had to order their original. Boy! The Gyozas were juicy, and meaty, and come with black vinegar dip.

Gyoza San Original 秘制原味饺子 - $4.90 (6 Pcs)

Teriyaki Chicken Bento Set was served with rice, kimchi, Teriyaki Chicken and 3 original Gyozas. Each Bento comes with 3 Original Gyozas and if you will like to change the Gyozas Flavours, you can add $1 for it. The chicken is flavourful in its marinade which lends a touch of sweetness and tenderness. 

Teriyaki Chicken x 3 Original Gyozas 日式鸡肉便当· - $7.90

A good thing about Gyoza San is that its Halal and all Gyozas fillings are made up of minced chicken..

Sun Plaza, 30 Sembawang Drive, #B1-10 Singapore 757713

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