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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Five Star Dim Sum

While many have been talking about this Dim Sum place situated in the industrial estate for a while, we decided to visit the place after a few months. Five Star Dim Sum place was relatively easy to locate with a helpful security guard indicating the way. 

The flooring and setting of the Dim Sum place is totally nostalgic and kind of brought me back into my childhood days. Everything was like sitting in a time machine back in the 80s.

Entrance of Five Star Dim Sum

One of the staples from Five Star will be their crusty Polo Pau. The exterior was crumby and fragrant.

Po Lo Pau 叉烧菠萝包 - $2.50 

As you pulled open the Polo Pau, the sweet savoury chopped pieces of Char Siu were revealed.


The porridge was smooth and coupled with a generous amount of ingredients. It might be a bit bland for some but adding some condiments and seasonings from the station will help. 

Century Egg Pork Congee 皮蛋猪肉粥 - $4


Only a few places would have sold this Cheong fun. The thin sheets of rice rolls wrapped up the crispy rolls and drenched in the sauce.  

Crispy Shrimp Cheong Fun 米网一品肠粉 - $5.50

Basically, if you like to have a bit of everything, Ting Zai Congee is the best choice as it is filled with ingredients like peanuts, fish, pork, century egg etc. 

Ting Zai Congee 状元艇仔粥 - $4.50

The salad prawn dumplings were crispy on the outside and we enjoyed the delicious plump prawns. 

Salad Prawn Dumplings 沙律虾角 - $4.50 

The smooth and thin sheet rolls encase the sweet savoury Char Siew with the sweet soy sauce featuring the Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun.

Char Siew Cheong Fun 密汁叉烧肠粉 - $4.50

The deep-fried radish cake was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Love the taste and texture. 

Deep Fried Radish Cake 炸腊味萝卜糕 - $4

Steamed Prawn Siew Mai's meat was pretty well seasoned and moist. These lovely Siew Mais were topped with a striking red wolfberry.

Steamed Prawn Siew Mai 鲜虾蒸烧卖 - $5

Chicken Feet was sweetly coated in its sauce coupled with black pepper. It could be softer in texture.

Black Pepper Chicken Feet 黑椒凤爪 - $4 

The BBQ Char Siew Pau was fluffy and the texture was soft. The fillings of BBQ Char Siew Pau were sweet and chopped into small chunks.

BBQ Char Siew Pau 蚝皇叉烧包 - $3.50

Braised Pork Buns were standard fare. The meat was tough and not juicy. Its taste was monotone and not fragrant.

Braised Pork Buns 扣肉包 - $4

It's always best to eat these XLBs while they are hot. The soup encased in the buns was sweet and piping hot. The texture of the Bao Skin and meat was fine.

Xiao Long Bao 小笼包 - $4

Fresh prawn beancurd rolls were yummy!

Fresh Prawn Beancurd Rolls 鲜虾腐皮卷- $4.50

Claypot Rice was a non-greasy version and lacked the aroma. Nonetheless, they still taste decent with pork and sausages. 

Claypot Pork Rice 沙煲腊味饭  - $6

The taste was commendable with hints of salted egg among the piping hot custard cream. These buns were light and fluffy. 

HK Salted Egg Custard Buns 港式金牌流沙包 - $3.50

Not many places offer Hong Kong Style Steamed Mushroom Buns. The outlook of the buns looks exactly like mushrooms. It comes in a basket of 3 and filled with mushroom fragrance. The buns were airy and soft, stuffed with aromatic chopped mushrooms. 

Hong Kong Style Steamed Mushroom Buns 港式香菇包 - $4 

For the price and standard, I do not mind returning back again for more. They have more than just 1 outlet in Singapore and it will be best to visit the branch at our convenience. 

The order system can be out of control at times as customers were paged to pick up the food from the kitchen counter one by one using buzzer system. 

This system is somehow not feasible or friendly as we tend to order a lot of items in a go and we were paged to collect the items shortly after we sit down for many rounts which can be quite disturbing to our meals. To make things worse,  sometimes a few customers gathered over the counter for collection and it can be pretty confusing too. Well, on the other hand, there are no service charges rendered, so we can not complain much. 

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Five Star Dim Sum
Shun Li Industrial Complex, 705 Sims Dr, #07-01, Singapore 387384,  

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