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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Shimbashi Soba 新橋そば

While roaming through Orchard, we decided to pay one of the eateries in Paragon Shopping Centre that we have not patronised before. We decided on Shimbashi Soba by group RE&S which falls under the same brand as Yakiniku Go, Ichiban Boshi, Sushi-GO, Wadori etc.

With Soba as our main course, we order some sides to pair along.

Chawanmushi includes 2 big pieces of mushroom, fishcake and ginkgo nut. It was sweet and quite decent.

Chawanmushi - $7.80

Aburi Miyazaki Wagyu was served with some mixed vegetables. It was coated with some sweet savoury sauce to enhance its flavours. 

Aburi Miyazaki Wagyu - $34.80 

A New Year Traditional Soup, Ozouni. It is filled with auspicious ingredients like mochi which represents longevity. The Soba comes with ingredients such as smoked duck, prawn, vegetable tempura, Japanese mochi (rice cake), mushrooms, fried beancurd, vegetables and onsen egg.

New Year Longevity Soba - $25.30

Enjoy the fragrant and refreshing flavour of Yuzu with the Yuzukiri Soba. It's only available once a year with limited servings daily. Chilled yuzu (citrus-flavoured) noodle served with dipping sauce, tiger prawn (2 pcs) and vegetable tempura.

Yuzukiri Tempura - $23.80 

Overall, since they specialise in Soba,what they are serving is quite outstanding among their competitors. 

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Shimbashi Soba 新橋そば
Paragon Shopping Centre, 290 Orchard Rd, #B1-41, Singapore 238859

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