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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Sheng Xiang Kitchen 生祥小厨

One of us needs a steamed fish fix from Dunman Food Center and despite of returning to Ok Zhen Hao Wei, it was suggested that we should give their competitor stall a try instead. Stall of Sheng Xiang Kitchen was located nearer to the flight of hawker stairs and price of the dishes were competitively cheaper.

Sheng Xiang Kitchen

The style of stir frying potato leaves with minced garlic brings out the fragrance and nature of the greens. The simple and basic plate of vegetables is indeed comforting to soul.

Potato Leaves with Garlic - $7

The starring dish for the night will be none other than their homemade sauce over the steamed fish head. The Price was reasonable and fish head was fresh, not to mention that they are indeed delicious too.

Steamed Fish Head with Homemade Sauce 自制酱蒸鱼头 - $18

The dried green beans were satisfying. The greens were stirred fried with a handful amount of marinated minced pork and chilli. Taste was great and not spicy to me.  

Dry Fried Green Beans 干煸四季豆 - $8

Steamed minced pork meat patties is one of our staple orders while visiting Dunman Food Center. The minced patties was well marinated and put into the steamer with salted fish, spring onions and cut chilli as toppings. 

Salted Fish Steamed Patties 咸鱼肉饼 - $10

Our last dish was none other than our "snacks", the prawn paste chicken. The chicken was well marinated and fried to golden crispy perfection. Love its tastiness and perfect to snack on alone even without pairing with noodles or rice.

Prawn Paste Chicken 虾酱鸡 - $10

Every dishes from the kitchen was hearty and stomach comforting. We do not mind making a return trip for such yummy local dishes.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Sheng Xiang Kitchen 生祥小厨
 Dunman Food Centre, 271 Onan Rd, #02-16, Singapore 424768

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