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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Qingo Singapore [Media Drop]

Qingo (JYR INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD) is a well-trusted distributor and retailer of premium quality fruit brands from across the globe. Their services include both online and offline supply chain management for international fruit brands, including fruit processing, distribution, and retail, as well as the creation of bespoke fruit gift arrangements.  They are committed to becoming the largest provider of premium fruit products and fruit integration services in the country.

Qingo pride itself on quality product service whereby each individual product is handpicked fresh. Not only that, they direct Import to ensure its quality and freshness. There will be free Delivery with orders of $59 and above. They also provide dedicated Customer Service to solve problems on time excluding public holidays and Sundays.

Fruits Order
Fruits Order

These milk green Jujube's size and appearance look similar to green apples. They are also known as milk dates and are rich in nutrients. These fruits are known of its sweetness as well as crisp, refreshing and unique flavours. Its pulp is rich in vitamins and has a variety of minerals. It aids in cooling and detoxification, sedation and anti-cancer, as well as for beauty and weight loss

Milk Green Jujube 牛奶青枣
Milk Green Jujube 牛奶青枣

These apples are a speciality of Xinjiang and are also known as sweetheart apples.

Xinjiang Akesu Apple
Xinjiang Akesu Apple

The thick deep purple skin is a trait of the Kyoho Grapes. It is sweet and often complemented by the refreshing acidity. These grapes are seasonal and only available from early summer through mid-autumn. They are highly nutritional in Vitamin C and dietary fibre. It's also known for its cholesterol-free, low in fat and sodium.
Kyoho Grapes
Kyoho Grapes

This is my first time getting in touch with Pepino Fruit. It looked foreign to me as I have never come across them. It is yellow in colour the size of apples and has distinctive brown stripes on its skin. They have a pleasant scent of vanilla and notes of honey. They smell like honey dew and sweet in taste. These fruits are said to reduce the risks of stress and hypertension. It also aids in preventing diabetes.

China Premium Pepino Fruit - 中国精品参果
China Premium Pepino Fruit - 中国精品参果

These China Hawthorns were handpicked individually and sizes are uniform. Hawthorn helps protect against heart disease and control high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Not only that, it was said to increase coronary artery blood flow, improve circulation and also lowers blood pressure. It has also been used on the skin to treat boils and skin sores.

China Hawthorn 中国红山楂
China Hawthorn 中国红山楂

These mini-size China Sugar Tangerines are refreshing and juicy.

China Sugar Tangerine 中国砂糖橘
China Sugar Tangerine 中国砂糖橘

These eye-catching red cherry tomatoes were beautiful. They are sweet and juicy, ideal to top your salad bowl.

Premium Millennial Cherry Tomato 精品千禧小番茄
Premium Millennial Cherry Tomato 精品千禧小番茄

Thank you Gingo Singapore for the Media Drop.

Qingo Singapore
 60 Kaki Bukit Pl, Lobby B Eunos Techpark, #07-09, Singapore 415979

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