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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Xiao Yao Ge 逍遥阁

The row of shophouses opposite the Chinese garden MRT is always seen bustling with people during the evening time. Xiao Yao Ge is known for serving Authentic Northern East Chinese Cuisine till late. 

Xiao Yao Ge 逍遥阁
Xiao Yao Ge 逍遥阁

We were expecting another chit-chatting session with some Chinese beer and Chinese BBQ Skewers. These Chinese Beers brand are known for their light taste. 

Beer 青岛啤酒 / 雪花啤酒
青岛啤酒 / 雪花啤酒 - $6 Each 

I have been searching for a good shredded potato side dish ever since my favourite shop in Chinatown closed its shutter. The Shredded Potato was addictive and fragrant with chilli oil and coriander but its still, not the best that I had eaten. While I'm expecting the dish to be warm, it was served at room temperature. 

Shredded Potato 炝拌土豆丝
Shredded Potato 炝拌土豆丝 - $7

While this is one of the common dishes with a mixture of dried chilli, sesame seeds and chicken. However, I'm not very used as the plate comprised more bones than meat. 

Shang Cheng La Zi Ji 山城辣子鸡
Shang Cheng La Zi Ji 山城辣子鸡 - $13

Skewers were served on a wooden board decked by grease paper. We were served the pork belly wrap with Enoki Mushrooms. With the generous amount of seasoning used, these skewers were very flavourful.

BBQ Pork Belly with Enoki Mushrooms 五花肉卷金针菇
BBQ Pork Belly with Enoki Mushrooms 五花肉卷金针菇 - $3 Each

Using similar seasonings, the plain buns were flavourful and fragrant.

Man Tou 烤馒头
Man Tou 烤馒头 - $1

The Wings were well-marinated and definitely yummy. They have the typical Chinese spices omitted as these is Orlean Style Wings. The marinate is sweet and addictive. 

BBQ Orleans Wings 奧尔良烤翅
BBQ Orleans Wings 奧尔良烤翅 - $2 each

The Mutton was tender and delicious. There was no gaminess in its taste.

BBQ Mutoon 烤羊肉串
BBQ Mutoon 烤羊肉串 - $1

Besides mutton, you can order Pork and Chicken Skewers too. They do taste as good.

BBQ Chicken and Pork 烤鸡肉串 / 烤猪肉串
BBQ Chicken and Pork 烤鸡肉串 / 烤猪肉串  - $1 Each

Quite surprised to see BBQ You Mai Vegetables. Likewise,. the dish is loaded with a generous amount of seasonings. 

BBQ You Mai vegetable 烤油麦菜
BBQ You Mai vegetable 烤油麦菜 - $1 Each 

The French beans were all so soaked up with the seasonings. 

BBQ French Beans 烤四季豆
BBQ French Beans 烤四季豆 - $1 Each

While the seasonings and fragrance on most skewers were similar, most of them tasted the same but each individual is different base on the texture of the food.

BBQ Sweet & Sour Beancurd Skin 酸甜干豆腐串
BBQ Sweet & Sour Beancurd Skin 酸甜干豆腐串 - $0.80 Each

The mushroom looks a bit miserable here in its portion. Nonetheless, these skewers were tasty and juicy too.

BBQ Mushroom 烤蘑菇
BBQ Mushroom 烤蘑菇 - $1 each

Overall, skewers are reasonably priced. With the beer and skewers, I do not mind coming back again for other food on the menu as well as their BBQ Skewers.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Xiao Yao Ge 逍遥阁
Location: 350 Jurong East Ave 1, #01-1227, Singapore 600350
Nearest Station: Chinese Garden (EW25) 

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