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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Daily Staples

Daily Staples is a food kiosk that is located in Northshore Plaza serving  Japanese-inspired rice and soba bowls and drinks. It is also conveniently located next to the entrance/exit linking to Samudera (PW4) LRT station.

Daily Staples

Combo Bowls are new on the menu and we had Smoked Duck with Baked Chicken Don. The bowl comprises 4 pieces of smoked duck & 4 pieces of baked chicken with Torched Mentaiko, Japanese Rice, Onsen egg, pickles, edamame, seaweed as well as corn kernels. The rice base can be upgraded to soba at an additional cost of $0.60.

Duck & Baked Chicken Don - $7.90

A generous amount of Takoyaki sauce was given to the Takoyaki Balls (Octopus). It comes with a box of 8 pieces and these were topped with Japanese Mayonnaise and Seaweed.

Takoyaki Balls (8pcs) - $5.90

Pairing the food with a cup of Iced Taro Latte. I will prefer the cup of Taro Latte to be on a concentrated side. Oat Milk option is also available for their Latte and Ice Chocoate.

Iced Taro Latte - $4.50

Simply love the well-balanced meal with a drink, snack and Japanese Rice Bowl.

Thank you Scale Micro-Influencers and Daily Staples for the Invitation.

Daily Staples
Northshore Plaza I, 407 Northshore Dr, #02-40  Singapore 820407

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