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Monday, October 17, 2022

No.17 Tea [Media Invite]

No 17 Tea is newly opened at Choa Chu Kang Shell Petrol Station, conveniently located next to Choa Chu Kang park near Lot One! If you are craving some Bubble Tea or Ice Cream with freshly made cones and waffles, No. 17 Tea will be a good choice.

No. 17 Tea in Shell Station of CCK
No. 17 Tea in Shell Station of CCK

Cheesy Snow Peach Oolong was cooling and fragrant with fruity flavours. The combination of sweet fruitiness with a tad of saltiness from the layer of cheese was simply fantastic.

While the Honey Milk Tea has sweet flavours from the honey and fragrance from the tea. 

Cheezo Snow Peach Oolong & Honey Milk Tea
Cheezo Snow Peach Oolong - $4.80 & Honey Milk Tea - $4.90

What a good idea to have an ice cream kiosk over at the petrol station! It is so tempting especially when there are some unique flavours you won't usually get outside.

Ice Cream for Selection
Ice Cream for Selection

Looking at the waffle and cone biscuits machine, it's hard not to grab some ice cream from the kiosk. The cone biscuits and waffles are made in-house. I opted for my ice cream on Waffle and observed my freshly made waffle. 

Freshly Made to Order
Freshly Made to Order

The Butterfly Pea Vanilla Waffle looks so pretty with some pearls topping. Ice cream sweetness was up to our expectations and Waffle was worth the wait. It is crusty on the outside and soft as you sink your teeth in. Coupled with the chewiness from the pearls and cooling ice cream, it satiated my craving for dessert. 

Butterfly Pea Vanilla Waffle
Butterfly Pea Vanilla Waffle - $3.90 + $1.90

It gives us another reason to go to the petrol station for the yummy treats. 

Thank you Lao Niang Agency for the Invitation.

No.17 Tea
20 Choa Chu Kang Drive Singapore 689717

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