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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Jovis Cafe

Jovis has recently launched new items on their menu. Have you tried them yet?

We had the Jovian’s Platter for Meat Lovers which is good for sharing for about 2 to 3 pax. The Platter comprised of Caramelised Black Angus Sirloin Steak, 2 Lamb racks, 2 Pork, and Chicken Sausages accompanied by Roasted Potato and Seasonal Vegetables. 

Jovian’s Platter - Meat Lovers - $88

The Soft Shell Crab was crunchy and moist with wonderful flavours while the spaghetti was cooked to Al Dente perfection and tossed in a tomato-based sauce, It was elegantly bundled up, enhancing the presentation of the dish aesthetically. The colour contrast of the dish served on the plate was totally wholesome.

Soft Shell Crab Pasta - $22

A visit to the Faber Drive Estate let me realise that it seems more happening with numerous new shophouses featuring. No doubt that Jovis Cafe has been there for quite some time after taking over the previous cafe,  BuckTile St. Cafe, I have not made a trip there. For all you know,  Jovis Cafe is just a few doors away from Lee's Taiwanese serving western as well as some home-cooked dishes.

Jovis Cafe

A sneak through the windows of Jovis, we notice cute Crayon Shinchan and a lited smiley face next to the main door. They look as if waiting for its customers and welcoming them with a smile.

Jovis The Dining Place

The cafe has some Instagram-worthy corners that you might want to spend some time making memories out of it. You may also want to write on their wishing tag then hang them onto the wishing tree outside the cafe.

Happy Corner

Pen your wish down and tie it to the heart shape tree here.

Make a Wish

The setting of the cafe was homely with soothing background music playing. It sounded as though I had stepped into some kind of spa retreat place instead.


Do pop over to this quaint neighbourhood cafe for tea in the afternoon or if you are looking for some unpretentious cafe food with friendly service, this will fit the bill.

Tiramisu Latte & Chrysabnthemum Tea (Cup) - $5.50 , $5

This bottled Lychee Tea is crafted In House and it is indeed refreshing with the Lychee in it. Despite the natural sweetness of the Lychee, the tea as overall is not so sweet

Lychee Tea - $4

If you are going for Soda, do try out their refreshing Saltymansiberry drink. It is a mixture of cranberry, lime and soda with salt around the rim of the jar. Their cold beverages are all decked up by the cute little wooden pallet as their coasters.

Saltymansiberry Soda - $8

Another recommended soda on their menu will be the Apple Mango flavour.

Apple Mango Soda - $6

Ice Salted Caramel Milk Tea was not too sweet and the pearls were soft and chewy. While the Coffee taste of the avocado coffee shake is strong yet the richness of the avocado remained.

Ice Salted Caramel Milk Tea - $6.50 & Avocado Coffee Shake - $8.90

If you love Avocado Shake with different varieties, they have a few for you to choose from. The shake was coated with unsparing about of Nutella on the side of the doubled wall glass, mixed with milk and gula Melaka. Nutella lovers sure do not want to give this a miss.

Avocado Nutella Chocolate Shake - $8.90

The avocado shake was a good deal. Its chocolate and creamy texture were addictive. With them being packaged in bottles, it’s ideal for taking away and sharing this shake with avocado lovers.

Avocado Shake - $8.90 Each

Wings were served in a steel basket. Each piece was well coated with Honey Mustard and the sweetness from the honey is delicious. Despite the sticky coating, the crispiness of fried chicken still retained.

Wings with Honey Mustard - $12

The Avocado Chicken Salad was appetizing. Simply loves its shredded chicken over the healthy greens creamy slices of Avocado and mixed salad. The cherry red tomatoes had given the salad dish a final touch with its striking red colour. I love the citrusy and refreshing dressing of the salad. The cheese also enhanced the taste too.

Avocado Chicken Salad - $16

Smoked Salmond Salad was as refreshing. The zesty hints of lemon juice and refreshing house-made orange vinegarette sauce with a light sour taste make it very appetising.

Smoked Salmon Salad - $13.90

My jaw almost dropped when I had their plate of Crispy Fish & Fries laid on the table. The portion was impressive with a big piece of Fish deep fried. While many cafes had made use of the economical type of fish to cut down their cost, Jovis's serving was of quality. This main dish is served with vinegar mixed salad and fries.

Crispy Fish & Fries - $18 (Upgraded Truffle Fries)

We upgraded the meal with truffle fries at an additional cost of $3. The aromatic truffle fragrant from the fries as well as the cheese toppings made my Fish & Fries meal complete.

Truffle Fries

Jovis Chicken Chop is served with mixed salad and fries with the choice of black pepper or mushroom sauce. We opted for the latter. The Chicken Chop was well marinated and the flavours were good even without the additional sauce.

Jovis Chicken Chop - $12.90

If you prefer the fried version of chicken, order their Chicken Cutlet. The chicken cutlet was well seasoned too with a crispy texture on the exterior. As we put the knife and cut it in half, we can see the meat's juiciness. 

Jovis Chicken Cutlet - $15.90

The Honey Glazed Fried Chicken was the upgraded version from Jovis Chicken Cutlet with an additional quarter waffle served with honey glazed.

Honey Glazed Fried Chicken - $18

Seafood Pasta was flavourful with a choice of linguine cooked to Al Dente Perfection. Prawns were big and topped with caviar. It might be a tad spicy with chilli in it.

Seafood Pasta - $18.90

The sauce is very flavourful and generous toppings of bacon were included. The texture of the spaghetti was perfect and the egg yolk together with cream made a perfect combination.

Carbonara (Bacon) - $12

The shredded chicken pasta comes with a number of choices to be served. It can be either served in Aglio Olio, cream base, tomato or pink tomato.

Shredded Chicken Pasta - $12

The 10-inch thin crust Canadian Sunset Pizza was served on a wooden pan. The pizza was filled with a generous amount of cheese with a tomato base, topped with crispy bacon and black olives.

Canadian Sunset Pizza - $18

Under the Cheeze-Baked section of the menu, we had the vegetarian-friendly Baked Mushroom Rice. Generous amount of baked cheese on top with mixed chopped mushrooms.

Baked Mushroom Rice - $18

Simply love the cheese-pulling effect while we sink our spoon into the baked rice and scoop it out. This hearty portion will definitely fill your stomach with satisfaction.

Cheese Pull

Order their Mummy's Curry Chicken if you are there. The dish gives you a choice of toasted baguette or white rice to pair with this local taste curry.

Mummy's Curry Chicken - $12.90

Feel the taste of a home cook dish in the cafe with big chunks of potatoes and 2 big drumsticks soaked in the thick curry gravy. 

Mummy's Curry Chicken with white rice

There are hints of fragrant lemon grass and the spicy level was mild. 


Like other dishes, their portion was generous and this dish is well liked by both children and adults. 

Fork Tender Meat

Cheese lovers will enjoy the abundance of melted cheese spread over the bacon and beef patty with a basket of fries and garden salad. This is indeed a stomach-filling dish!

Melted Cheese Patty Burger - $25

The Churros were served in a transparent cup with a saucer of chocolate dip. These sticks were freshly deep fried and sprinkled with some sugar.


If you are looking for some snacks in the cafe, do try these. 

Drizzle some chocolate sauce over my Churros

The milk tea thick toast was topped with chewy pearls and drizzled with yummy chocolate sauce. It's a perfect treat for after meals or tea.

Milk Tea Toast

Cakes were daily ordered from their supplier. We have the Ondeh Ondeh Cake with alternating gula Melaka layers with sponge cake. It was good as it was not cloying.

Ondeh Ondeh Cake - $7.80

Service was better than average. From the look at the dishes served, you can sense that every dish that doles out in the kitchen is made of love.

Besides that, there are free Wi-Fi and power plugs for work/study or socialising needs. What's more, they have board games, toys, books and magazines. The place is cosy and relaxing. It is a suitable place to perfect your date too. Not only that, the place is children-friendly too.

Rating: 4.5 / 5 

Jovis Cafe
  Faber Hills Apartments, 104 Faber Dr, Singapore 129412

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