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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Wicked Greens

Eating healthy and clean have been seen as an increasing trend in recent years when people are more health conscious. We decided to grab something healthy and headed over to Wicked Greens which is located just outside West Coast Plaza. The location was rather obvious as they are just right beside the overhead bridge and beside the Taxi Stand.

Shop of Wicked Greens
Wicked Greens

Over at this corner, the wall surface was entirely decorated by a bed of roses with its business name "Wicked Greens" lit up. Furnishings in the eating place was simple with some tables and chairs while the theme colour is majority made up of romantic pink. 

Bed of Roses

Their homemade barley was unique, not too sweet with hints of refreshing lemon taste and natural sweetness from red dates. The drink is slightly brown in colour and you can enjoy some pearl barley at the bottom of the glass.


After some consideration and recommendation by the counter auntie, we finally made up our choices and had our orders.

Our Healthy Orders
Our Orders

The Keto Friendly Salad was made up of beef brisket, avocado, 2 sous vide eggs, chicken breast, roman lettuce and toasted almonds. The portion of meat was generous and tender. The beef brisket was flavourful and the salad base dressing was good. The eggs were perfectly done.

Keto Friendly Salad
Keto Friendly Salad - $20

The presentation of the Pasta with broccoli, cherry tomatoes, corn kernels and sous vides egg looks catchy to the eyes because of their colour combination. While the crispy fried soft shell crab was served on a separate plate accompanied by some fiery chilli sauce. 

Crispy Soft Shell Pasta
Crispy Soft Shell Pasta - $20 (With Drink)

A perfect meal for the working class who is busy and wants to grab a healthy balanced meal. The pricing matches the quantity and quality of food.

Rating: 3.25 / 5 

Wicked Greens
West Coast Plaza, 154 West Coast Road,  #B1-57 Singapore 127371

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