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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Mee Pok Time! [Media Invite]

Mee Pok Time! is known for serving abundance of seafood with noodles at a pocket friendly pricing. Let's check out their food.

Mee Pok Time!

These Crispy Fish Stripes are the main ingredients in their dishes and were also my favourite.
The stall got their crispy fish stripes from a supplier and said that they will reject the fish stripes if the quality is not up to standard. 

Crispy Fish Stripes 香脆鱼条- $3.50

I love these crispy fish stripes and they tasted perfect when paired with the chilli dip.

Fish Stripe

The Teochew Special Porridge on the menu was something that caught our eyes for it was served in an earthen claypot, unlike the rest. The pot of porridge was topped with chopped spring onions as well as some crispy fish stripes.

Teochew Special Porridge 潮州特制粥 - $6.80

The pot of porridge tasted homely and was flavourful, a good reminiscent of what I used to have back home. Ingredients were generous with clams, scallops, liver, pork and crispy fish stripes.

Ingredients in Teochew Special Porridge

The flavours of the porridge were not only made up of the variety of meat and seafood but the natural sweetness from the vegetables.


Traditional Black Sauce Mee is topped with minced meat, meatball and lean meat. It also comes with a bowl of soup. 

Traditional Black Sauce Noodles 古早味黑酱拌面 

Mee Pok was specially made for the width of the Mee Pok was broader than the usual Mee Pok we have. It's a hybrid of Handmade Noodle size with the usual Mee Pok texture. Being the Traditional Black Sauce Noodles, I find that it was tasty. The amount of black sauce was adequately tossed in the bowl. 

Black Sauce Tossed Noodles

It's hard not to order their Signature dishes so we ordered their Signature Mee Pok. Similarly, their Mee Pok was broader in width and was tossed in their normal sauce as well as topped with some crispy stripes.

Signature Mee Pok 招牌面薄 - $6.50 / $8.50

The Signature Mee Pok comes with a bowl of imperial soup that comprises all ingredients in the soup bowl. It has prawn paste, meatball, pig liver, minced meat, scallop, clams etc 

Ingredients of Signature Mee Pok's Soup

Their Dumplings are handmade daily. These Teochew Style dumplings were paired with flavourful soup as well as crispy fish stripes.

Dumpling Soup 潮州肉饺汤 - $5.50

The dumpling skin was smooth and the soup was flavourful. 


Each of the dumplings was packed with minced meat as well as water chestnut that gave a crunchy and refreshing flavour to the dumpling.

Can you spot the chestnut?

Their food never fails to impress. Food was freshly prepared and flavours were up to the mark. I would not mind returning to order again.

Our Orders

Thank you Lao Niang Agency for the Invite.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Mee Pok Time!
602B Tampines Ave 9 #01-01 Singapore 522602

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