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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Feng Zhen Lor Mee (Taman Jurong)

I noticed that Feng Zhen Lor Mee has been aggressively expanding across Singapore and it was made known that the Yew Tee and Taman Jurong versions of Feng Zhen Lor Mee is manned differently by relatives in case you are as confused. Just recently on the 5th of July, Feng Zhen Lor Mee (Taman Jurong) has opened another outlet in Bukit Batok which is about 5 minutes away from Bukit Gombak MRT.

Stall of Feng Zhen Lor Mee (Taman Jurong) in Bukit Batok

While I prefer to go for originality, I opted for the Traditional Lor Mee comprising of fish cake, braised pork belly, half hard-boiled egg and meatballs. I was excited to have the bowl of Lor Mee initially but my excitement died down as I took a mouthful of the braised gravy. It was lacking flavours and oomph. The taste was nothing familiar to what I had in Taman Jurong. 

Traditional Lor Mee 传统卤面 - $4 (Small) 

While the handmade fried Meat Ball was what left a good impression on the Taman Jurong Lor Mee Stall on Yung Sheng Road that I had over the years. The bowl of Traditional Lor Mee has 2 of it.

Fried Meat Ball

Following the Taman Jurong Style, the Fish Lor Mee comes with flaky pieces of fried Batang fish, fishcake, and half hard-boiled a egg as the ingredients.

Fish Lor Mee 全鱼卤面 - $6

Having tasted the Yew Tee Feng Zhen Lor Mee version recently, I would say that the style and braised gravy are of vast difference. If you have tried both the Yew Tee and Taman Jurong versions too, which do you prefer?

Rating: 3 / 5

Feng Zhen Lor Mee (Taman Jurong)
 373 Bukit Batok Street 31, Singapore 650373
Nearest Station: Bukit Gombak (NS3)

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