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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Chang Jiang White Coffee 長江白咖啡

The early bird catches the worm! With Ipoh known for its White Coffee, Chang Jiang White Coffee is one of the must visit spots. Occupying a bungalow space with a large opened carpark, it is best to be there earlier to avoid any disappointment. 

Chang Jiang White Coffee at Jalan Windsor

Not long after as we entered Chang Jiang White Coffee, the crowd starts coming in and carpark was almost full. Chang Jiang is not only popular among the locals but also among visitors.

Chang Jiang White Coffee

The facade of Chang Jiang looks humble with some traditional coffee murals painted.

Wall Art

The interior was decent with 2 big rectangular mirrors by the side and filled of round tables. The dining place is linked up with their own merchandise where you can grab their popular White Coffee, Tea and even Lemon Tea back home as souvenirs. The display in the shop was nostalgic with some old-school items around. 

Dining Floor

The menu was presented in an A5 size printed booklet, tied up by strings and supported by a wooden board with a cover page featuring 2 packets of Kopi O.

Menu at Chang Jiang White Coffee

While flipping to the end of the menu, one will get to see that there are 3 locations.

Menu indicating the Stall

The entire interior seating was air-conditioned and with its furnishing as well as renovation,  it gives us a feel of sitting a time machine back into the past.

Dining Area

Nearing to the main entrance of Chang Jiang White Coffee, we had already felt the old school vibe with such furnishing around like the olden type of table, gunny sack and plush cushion chair.


The strong aroma of the black coffee was good. 

Kopi O - RM 3.90

One of the attention-catching items that I read about online will be their beverages that were frothy. While I'm not here for their coffee, I was quite surprise to have my Teh C presented in this way. It was served in a traditional cup and saucer. Tea was good with evaporated milk and sugar.

Kaw Kaw Teh 'C' 唛仔茶 - RM 4.60

The toast was served in an aluminium plate with charred edges.

Chang Jiang Toast - Kaya + Butter 長江烤面包 加央 + 牛油- RM 6

The bread was vertically cut into halves and as I lifted the crispy side up, I notice that the delicious spread of kaya on the bread was decked up by 4 cut blocks of butter.

Crispy Toasts

The texture of the toasts were crispy and as though biting of biscuits.

Take a look at the cross section

Its not often that I order steam bread and these breads were definitely pillowy soft and yummy. It was served in a dim sum basket.

Chang Jiang Steam Bread - Kaya 長江蒸面包 - 加央 - RM 6

The sweetness of the Kaya Spread was acceptable and the feel of having a warm steam bread in hand is great.

Steam Bread with Kaya

What comes best after traditional toasts? Well, the half boiled eggs! The eggs were definitely smaller than what I had back home and we were to crack these eggs into the traditional cup. Although the half boiled eggs may not be of perfect temperature and slightly overcooked, Im absolutely fine with it. After all, there is no way to compare the standard with Yakun as I think everywhere has its own unique style.

Soft Boiled Eggs

Beside ordering toasts and bread, they do offer noodles dishes. We had Chang Jiang Traditional wanton noodle dry. The meat are made up of chicken. 

Dry Sauce Wanton Noodle 干捞云吞面 - RM 9.20

No doubt that the noodles were simple execution. I actually find the taste pretty addictive not because I was hungry in the morning. The bowl was comprised of noodles and some lettuce but the use of black sauce and the fragrant scallion oil had my stomach. 

Simple Bowl of Noodle

Wanton soup was an additional order. Amazingly, the taste of wanton had very much reminded me of some old school stall that I had back in Singapore.

Wanton Soup - RM 6.90

Each and every Wanton was well wrapped with minced meat seated tightly in the Wanton Skin. 


Pardon me for taking the toilet but the layout and the water tank had kind of give rise to the memories I had back home before the HDB starts having HIP (Home Improvement Program). On a side note, the toilet was spacious and well, its not very dirty.

Toilet in Chang Jiang

After having our stomach fix, its time to have a visit at their shop. Let's go.

Walkway into the Merchandise

The displays in the shop was catchy to my eyes with some old irons, sewing machine and traditional coffee socks. There are also a number of media articles plastered on the wall paper about Chang Jiang White Coffee.


This corner was decorated by some traditional coffee sock, metal cups, pallet as well as eggs holder.

At one corner

It gives a kind of garden feel in the backyard with some sentimental items that bring back memories of the past.

Kettle and Stove

For those non coffee drinkers, its good news that they are also selling chocolate sachets.

Chocolate Sachets

Besides coffee, they do have boxes of Lemon Tea too.

Metal Cups

If you cannot get enough of their Kaw Kaw Kopi, here's your chance to bring them home.

Kaw Kaw Kopi

Besides Kaw Kaw Kopi, their Wangher Coffee is pretty popular too.

Bicycle & Kopi

While at this corner, we got to see some other old school items too.


Over at the other corner of the shop, we get to see the olden days of Iron.

Old School Iron

It's not just one kind but a few different on the open shelves as display.

Old School Iron

Even at the cashier counter, a toy bread was placed in the pot for decoration.

Fake Bread at Payment Counter

Before leaving the place, I went around the facade and it was another surprise to me that they have another place just right in front of the gate.

Another Place Found

Likewise, the place was fully packed. 

Kin Long

The new branch looks more modernise at their walkway. Nonetheless, the interior furnishings still remains the vibe of 80s-90s era.

Walkway of Chang Jiang White Coffee (Another Area)

With the high rating and recommendations in social media, this place is reputable and if you are on a plan visit to Ipoh, it will be a better to visit them earlier and avoid the peak hours.

Rating: 4 / 5

Chang Jiang White Coffee 長江白咖啡
 7, Jalan Windsor, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

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