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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Mr & Mrs Mohgan Crispy Prata

Mr & Mrs Mohgan Prata has been on my breakfast list for quite some time and before I even had the chance to visit the place, the veteran hawker died at home after being triggered by a heart attack. Many of the longtime customers of this popular Joo Chiat Stall were devastated to learn about the passing of Mr Mohgan.

Stall of Mr Mrs Mohgan
Stall of Mr Mrs Mohgan

The stall has been for 15 years and this couple's prata was exceptionally famous in Joo Chiat as they dole out crispy Prata, attracting long queues. To assist the patrons, they have a list of Prata Items available with price listed on this clipboard just in front of their stall.

The Crispy Prata Menu

Though the queues are long, the hawkers are friendly. We patiently waited for about 30 - 40 minutes before our order was served. 

Plain & Egg Prata
Plain & Egg Prata - $1.20, $1.70

The piquant curry was thick but not overly spicy or cloying. It goes well with the crispy Prata.

Our Orders
Our Orders

Unlike a lot of Prata shops in Singapore, Mr & Mrs Mohgan kept their menus simple. 

Egg Prata
Egg Prata

Lets dipped the Prata into the curry sauce
Lets dipped the Prata into the curry sauce

It has been a long time since I had coin Prata and during my second trip back here, I manage to order a plate of it and shared it with the breakfast Kakis. The mini prata come in a plate of 6.

Coin Prata
Coin Prata - $5

The texture of the Prata remains the same as the Kosong Prata. These cute little coin-shaped Prata are crispy and fragrant.

Look at these Coin Prata!
Look at these Coin Prata! 

One of my favourite order, is "Telur Bawang" aka Egg Onion.

Egg Onion
Egg Onion - $2.20

One of us is a fan of mushrooms and could not resist ordering their Cheese Mushroom Prata. Though crispy on the exterior, the combination of slices of mushroom used together with the normal cheese was definitely not my style. I would prefer mozzarella cheese over to the type of Cheese they use as the former has the cheese pulling effect.

Guess what is this?
Guess what is this?

Cheese Mushroom Prata
Cheese Mushroom Prata - $2.70

No doubt that Mr & Mrs Mohgan Prata is popular and known for its crispiness, but I find that there are still better Prata around. Nonetheless, the service rendered is friendly and I do not mind making a return trip to Joo Chiat if my friends are keen on it.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Mr & Mrs Mohgan
300 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427551

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