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Monday, August 8, 2022

Xin Yuan Ji 新源记鱼汤

When I mentioned that I will be back for more and due to the cold rainy weather, I got a sudden craving for fish steamboat. That's how we ended up here again.

We ordered the Fried Nan Ru Meat. It was not to my liking as they were mostly fats, nonetheless the taste and marinate were up to the mark. 

Nan Ru Fried Meat 南乳炸肉 - $12

The Charcoaled Fired Fish Steamboat was what I was craving for! Drinking down the warm soup definitely keep the stomach comfortable in such a cold day. 

If you are ordering Fish Head Steamboat, it will cost $28 instead.  We had the fish meat version by topping up $10. The pot was filled with generous amount of vegetables, cabbages, tomato, yam and pieces of fish meat.

Fish Meat Steamboat 鱼肉炉 - $38 

There were a handful of fish meat chunks among the soup and the portion is more than enough for 2 pax.

Fish meat

One of the essential ingredients will be the blocks of yam included in the steamboat soup. No doubt that the soup is already flavorful, I still prefer the yam blocks to be fried a little before including them into the soup.

Yam Blocks

The soup is refillable at the service of the servers. Soup tasted sweet and a tad on the sour side, I guess they have included plums in it too which make the soup appetizing and addictive to me.

Appetizing & Refillable Soup

Posted on 29th April 2022

While the Xin Yuan Ji in the Western part of Singapore closes in Teban Gardens, we soon realised there is another one in Bukit Batok Industrial. It was the best time to visit after the working hours as most of the stalls are closed and it seems like the entire space was left for Xin Yuan Ji

Bugis Steamboat

With the signage board well illustrated with the Cze Char Dishes, the book Menu will be even more extensive. 


Visiting Xin Yuan Ji can never be completed without ordering their Fish Soup. Therefore, we ordered a double fish soup Bee Hoon. It tasted familiar with Chinese wine, eggs, fish and vegetables as their ingredient.

Double Fish Bee Hoon 双鱼粉 - $13 (Big)

The sliced fish was tender and the Belacan chilli gave an additional spicy kick to it.

Sliced Fish

The fried fish chunks were not too bad. The fish meat was firm and did not disintegrate easily despite soaking in the soup for some time. The batter had held them together well enough. 

Fried Fish

Sweet & Sour Pork tasted great and was very well executed in its sourish sweet sauce together with onions, tomatoes and greens. Though they followed traditionally how this dish was being cooked in which the pork portion was made up more of the fats than the meat, I still prefer having leaner meat than most fats.

Sweet & Sour Pork 咕噜肉 - $12

Nonetheless, those are just my one side opinion while the dining partner did enjoy such traditional preparation. Other than the fats portion, the sauce was uniformly coated and if you enjoy the dish with fatty meat, you will love this too.

Close Up

The Pickled Radish Beancurd was highly recommended by the server. It was deep-fried to perfection and the silky smooth custard texture was wonderful. 

Pickled Radish Beancurd 菜脯豆腐 - $12

Coupled with the savoury sauce and fragrant crisp Cai Po topping with spring onions, this dish is a perfect recommendation.

Tofu Yummy

We did not order too much as the Fish Bee Hoon had taken up most stomach space. We will be back again for more.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Bugis Xin Yuan Ji 新源记鱼汤 
2019 Bukit Batok Street 23, Bukit Batok Industrial Park A Singapore 659524

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