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Saturday, April 16, 2022

South Buona Vista Braised Duck

The first time when I learnt that South Bouna Vista Braised Duck (South Buona Vista Road Famous Teochew Boneless Duck [Closed]) had moved to Desker Road, we drove all the way there but were left with frustrations as we made numerous rounds in the vicinity and got no parking lots.

This time, I decided to give it a try while I was in the vicinity hunting for some Heritage Challenges. They finally have a shop space of their own with simple white walls and non-elaborated furnishings. If you are looking for some Instagram worthy decorations, I'm afraid there aren't any but if you are here for their food, you are sure to bring back with a satisfying tummy.

In the shop of South Bouna Vista Braised Duck

The braised duck was savoury just like the way we like it. The starchy braised sauce was rich enough to give a good flavour to the plate of meat. To add on, the meat was tender and soft

Signature Braised Duck for 2 Pax - $12 with 2 Bowls of Porridge at $1 each

The chilli dip goes well with every item on the plate, including braised duck and cucumber. It was both sweet with a little spicy kick from the sambal and have a sour vinegar taste with some minced garlic as well as chopped chilli.

The Complete Order

If you enjoy braised items, you can order their braised egg, beancurd and beancurd skin with peanuts set.

Braised Egg, Beancurd, Beancurd Skin, Peanut Set - $4 (Small)

There are a few signature Sambal dishes that are not to be missed, namely their Sambal Kang Kong, Tofu, Prawn and Sotong.

To be honest, I felt warmth in the tummy as well as in my heart for I have been missing this taste ever since.

Sambal Kang Kong - $8 (Small)

We have ordered the cup of Homemade water chestnut to beat the heaty day. The day was so hot that we ordered 2 cups per pax.

Homemade Water Chestnut Drink - $1.80

I will say that they have maintained the "99 Bend Braised Duck Rice" standard that I used to have during my school days. If to compare the popular braised duck rice we have in Singapore, for example, Sean Kee, I will say that they are of both different levels of taste, sometimes I will miss one of them. Last but not least, there are no service charges or GST to be paid here.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

South Buona Vista Braised Duck
Location: 81 Desker Road Singapore 209604

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