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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Ratna Chicken Rice

I was craving some Muslim Owned Chicken Rice and decided to head out to Makan Shiok. Ratna offers a standard fare of Chicken Rice and Noodles dishes, with a variety of dishes similar to the non-muslim stalls too.

Stall of Ratna Chicken Rice

We ordered 2 portions of chicken rice set that comes with some greens, roasted chicken, rice and soup.

Here's our order

Fried onions were heavily used as garnishing in their soup as well as the greens. The texture and fragrance of chicken rice were not within our expectations.

Chicken Rice Set - $5

The vegetables were blanched but tasted quite raw and bland to me if not for the additional fried onions and sauce from the chicken, it will be very plain.

Vegetables on the plate

The roasted chicken was a bit dry on its skin and the texture was softened by the sauce. All in all, the chicken rice is decent to fill the stomach. 

Rating: 3 / 5

Ratna Chicken Rice
: Makan Shiok, 49 Teban Gardens Rd Singapore 600049

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