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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Formosa Delights

I know of Formosa Delights from their handmade noodles through the stalls in the foodcourt. They have been fond of their quality handmade noodles and pastries since 1998.

Their Formosa Finest Handmade Noodle was shocking and not to my liking. Though the texture of the noodles was perfectly fine, the stinky seafood smell was too strong. The broth was sweet with the seafood, vegetables, mushroom and minced meatballs. 

Formosa Finest Handmade Noodle 一品手工面 - $13.90

This was the promotion bowl of Taiwanese Style Braised Pork Rice. It was decent and portion was rather big. The braised pork was a mixture of both fatty and lean meat. Other than that, it was paired with preserved vegetables and braised egg.

Taiwanese Style Braised Pork Rice 台式卤肉饭  - $6.90

The Milkshake was not too bad and tasted refreshing. 

Dark Chocolate with Banana 香蕉黑朱古力 and Vanilla with Strawberry 香草与草莓 - $5.90 each

The environment was rather noisy when some groups came in and I felt that those noises were trapped in the restaurant. 

Rating: 3 / 5

Formosa Delights
20 Clementi Road Singapore 129749 

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