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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Teochew Meat Puff 潮州香饼

This Teochew Meat Puff stall in Woodlands industrial had gone viral sometimes back. I still remember the times when it gained so much attention in the neighbourhood Pasar Malam. Due to the pandemic, many business have to make changes. Let alone Teochew Meat Puff, they have opened an outlet among the Woodlands industrial estate. Well, at least it's better for consumers as we can go to the fixed location instead of running around the island for Pasar Malam. 

Teochew Meat Puff

There are 6 kinds of Meat Puff, oyster, vegetable, octopus, scallop, prawn and crab. Besides the meat puff, you will also find other items like Sotong Ball, fried mushroom and sweet potato available. No worries of standing in the queue as they have the buzzer system implemented, therefore one can enjoy their drinks in the coffeeshop while waiting for their meat puff.

Meat Puff Fried to Order

The team has surrounded the deep fryer and every order was deep-fried on the spot. 

Deep Frying in Progress

Without thinking much, I ordered 6 of the Meat Puff (3 different types and 2 each) and they were fried to order on the spot. Boy! The meat puff was heavy in weight.

3 Kinds of Meat Puff

The puff was generously filled with minced pork and stuffed with Chinese celery with some roasted peanuts sticking onto the external surface of the batter. The octopus was not very significant among the minced meat and I can hardly spot them. 

Octopus Pork 章鱼猪 - $3.50

The Prawn Pork on the other hand do at least have some seafood flavours with the pork.

Prawn Pork 虾猪肉 - $3.50

This is the traditional Oyster Pork fillings. The meat puff includes 2 plump oysters.

Oyster Pork 蚝猪肉 - $3.50

Overall I find that the meat puff has some lacking flavours and perhaps if the meat can be more seasoned for some extra oomph. The outer layer was crispy and perfectly fried to its golden brown however, the layer of batter was slightly thicker than expectations, they also lacked the fragrant that other Fuzhou Oyster Pancakes catered.

Rating: 3 / 5

Teochew Meat Puff 潮州香饼
Locataion: 71 Woodlands Industrial Park E9, WAVE 9, Singapore 757048

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