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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Traditional Famous Prawn Mee

I have been craving Lor Mee recently and have chanced by the coffee shop again. Luckily the queue was not long this time and I manage to get my orders quickly without having to Taobao. 

Fried Fish Lor Mee - $4

With the noodles hidden by the braised gravy, decked with pieces of pork as well as the delicious fried fish, I could not resist but fastened my footsteps to the seat as soon as I got hold of my orders.

I like that the Lor Mee gravy was slightly thick but not too starchy. The bowl also comprises of half a portion of braised egg and coriander as garnishing. If you prefer your bowl of Lor Mee with Garlicky flavours, additional chopped garlic can be added.

Delicious Bowl of Lor Mee

Fried Fish was fried to golden perfection this time and they look so irresistible. 

Yummy Fried Fish 

They are soft and easy to manage.

Fried Fish

Braised sliced lean pork was soft and flavourful. With all ingredients and flavours in place, my lunch was stomach filling and satisfying. 

Lean Meat

Posted 11th June 2021

The queue at this corner stall draws most of our attention during lunch time. Traditional Famous Prawn Mee is a branch from its main stall at Hougang.

Stall of Traditional Famous Prawn Mee

Ordering the dry version of the prawn mee, there was nothing much to rave about, the bowl of noodle taste pretty standard to me. However, the soup was quite tasty and I have a slight liking for it.

Prawn Mee 虾面 - $4

Many raved about their Fried Fish Lor Mee and I must agree that the bowl of Lor Mee has passed the average standard. The bowl of Lor Mee has the standard braised pork and gravy was not too thick or sticky. 

Fried Fish Lor Mee 炸鱼卤面 - $4

Even though the fried fish may be a shade darker in colour but its batter is aromatic. Not to worry about having the fish turning soggy when you Tabao as you can always request them to pack separately.

Fried Fish

Despite having Prawn Mee as its signature dish on the signboard, personally, I would prefer their Lor Mee.

Rating:  3.25 / 5

Traditional Famous Prawn Mee
722 Clementi West Street 2, #01-150 Singapore 120722

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