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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Soup Master 汤臣煲靓汤

We learned of Soup Master before heading down to the coffee shop. The place was quiet during the evening with just a few stalls opening for dinner hours. Besides the drink stall and the roasted meat, the soup master was in operation.  There were different kinds of soups on the menu and they have tubs of herbs displayed.

Soup Master

Having soups are always my comfort food. They are tasty and always beneficial to us. Look at what we had ordered for the meal.

2 Soups and a bowl of Yam Rice

There are a few choices of rice to choose from, plain fragrance rice, pumpkin, Olive and we had the yam rice.

Yam Rice - $1

With each soup bringing benefits to the body,. this body of Buddha Jumps over the Wall is a supplement to our Calcium and aids in building the bones. The soup was thick and nourishing with ingredients like chicken drumstick, abalone slices, fish maws and Goji Berries. Coriander leaves are added to enhance the taste. Though maybe the expensive item on the menu but the quality is definitely worth paying for.

Buddha Jumps over the Wall 极品佛跳墙 - $7.50

There are two kinds of Chicken Ten Tonic Soup on the menu, with one using the Black Chicken and the other with the normal Chicken. This bowl of soups helps in invigorating Qi and blood. The herbal taste was ample and likewise, served with a big drumstick and boiled egg in the traditional Tonic Bowl. The taste might be slightly bitter due to the nature of herbs used but the input of Goji Berries had balanced the taste with its sweetness.

Chicken Ten Tonic Soup 十全大补汤 - $5.50

The standard and quality of soups are worthy for a return trip. Not only that, I find that the service rendered from the Hawkers are friendly and a pack of warmth, just like the bowls of soup.  

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Soup Master 汤臣煲靓汤
Location: Blk 109 Bukit Batok West Ave 6 Singapore 650109

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