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Monday, March 28, 2022

Mr Avocado Exotic Fruit Juice

After all these years, I'm still patronizing this stall whenever I am in the area. I was not spared from the queue either but all were worthwhile for it left me a satisfying stomach after my cup of Avocado drink.

Stall of Mr Avocado

I'm still loving its rich and creamy consistent smooth drink without being too sweet. The fragrant and pleasant taste of Gulu Melaka within adds depth and flavour to the drink.  

Avocado and Avocado with Chocolate Drink (Medium Size)

Last posted on 8th July 2014

I have never failed to have a cup of my favourite juice every time during my trip to Alexandra Village(AV) Food Centre unless Mr Avocado Stall is closed.

Stall of Mr Avocado

Being their supporter since my school days, I had seen the price of Avocado juice increased from less than $2 to its current $2.50 per cup. When I'm being asked to recommend best Avocado Juice, what comes first in my mind was AV Food Centre's Mr Avocado.

Avocado Juice
Most of the times, there were queues in front of the shop. Beside selling the traditional varieties of fruit juices, they are also selling exotic juices like durian milk and sweetcorn milk shake. Initially I wanted to order the sweet corn milk but it was not available during my visit.

The secret recipe to their tasty Avocado Juice was never revealed. Jars of avocado juice was prepared way before hand and kept in the chiller. By nature, Avocado is rich in mono saturated fats, thus the drinks are seen creamy. It tastes sweet with Gula Melaka added and my many returns has not disappoint me thus far. Strongly recommended!

Avocado Juice - $2.50

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Mr Avocado Exotic Fruit Juice
Location: Alexandra Village Food Centre ,120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-19 Singapore 150120

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