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Friday, February 18, 2022

Tian Fu Pao Fan King 天福泡饭王

Just quite sometimes back, Pao Fan was the trending dish around in the Island and we have heard of many running around in the search of the best Pao Fan.

Stall of Tian Fu Pao Fan King

It's always stomach warming to have a bowl of hot food, especially those with soup on a rainy day. The  Seafood King Pao Fan is the 2nd most expensive item on the menu after the Lobster King Pao Fan / Noodle. 

Seafood King Pao Fan 海鲜王泡饭  - $9.50

The bowl of Seafood King can be served with either Rice or Noodles at your preference. Ingredients were aplenty with Lala, fried fish meat, prawn, Prawn paste as well as scallops.

Full of Ingredients 

The fried egg in the broth as well as the cut spring onions uplifted the aroma of the dish. 


Prawn paste was smooth and the broth carries hints of seafood taste.

Seafood in the bowl

It's good that they have a noodles option and I had a bowl of noodles with Fish and Lala. There are others options available making the menu up with 13 items. Besides their Lobster King Pao Fan, be thrown with surprise that they even have items like Iberico Pork and Smoked Duck dishes too.

Fresh Fish King Pao Fan / Noodle 鲜鱼王泡饭 / 面 - $6.50

Overall I would say that the Pao Fan and Noodles Broth are decent but still lacking of flavours although lots of ingredients were used.

Rating: 3 / 5

Tian Fu Pao Fan 天福泡饭王
Location: 273 Bukit Batok East Ave 4, Singapore 650273

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