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Monday, January 17, 2022

Wang Lai Bakery

CNY is around the corner, have you stocked up the CNY goodies at home or even plan to send some of them to your loved ones? Try ordering these truly homemade goodies online from Wang Lai Bakery and get them delivered free to your doorstep for orders above $100.

CNY Goodies fromWang Lai Bakery

Wang Lai Bakery follows a traditional recipe passed down for four generations by the family and their goodies have no preservatives added. It is started in 1968 and this household name is popular and well-loved especially if your family makes a trip to Chinatown during the Chinese New Year period. This is voted number 1 by many food connoisseurs and loved by more than 50,000. 

They also provide tasting and sampling at their address.

CNY Goodies from Wang Lai Bakery

Fans of Nutella may want to try these Melt in your Mouth Nutella Tarts. The melty tarts will simply disintegrate at the slightest pressure when you place them in your mouth. 

Weight: 400g

Melt in your mouth Nutella Tarts - $20.90

One of the Chinese New year must-haves Premium Prawn Rolls. The fillings of premium sambal Hae Bi Hiam is addictive and smell potent. Not forgetting its spiciness, one word, "SHIOK".

Weight: 330g

Premium Prawn Rolls - $15.90

Salted Egg lovers, here's a call for you. A flavourful tub of Premium Salted Egg Crab Stick rich in salted egg taste and smell good with the curry leaves. These crab sticks were generously coated with salted egg powder. I bet you will get hooked to it.

Weight: 350g

Premium Salted Egg Crab Stick

The creamy soft texture with a milky taste from these Premium Cranberry Pumpkin Snowy Cubes resembles nougats. It is a hot favourite among CNY cookies.

Weight: 300g

Premium Cranberry Pumpkin Snowy Cube - $16.90

One of the favourites tarts during Chinese New Year. Wang Lai Bakery offers both open and encased pineapple tarts. Their Melt in Your Mouth Pineapple Tarts fillings are tangy and sweet under the fragrant layer of soft melty crust. The consistency is good and strikes a good balance of sweetness. Beware, you may not stop at just one after popping into your mouth.

Weight: 500g approximately

Melt in your Mouth Pineapple Tarts - $19.90

Another Melting goodness to savour. These Melt in Your Mouth Almond Cookies are made with premium almond flour and baked to perfection.

While the Premium Melt in Your Mouth Kuih Bangkit, they are made with premium tapioca flour and similarly baked to perfection for the melting texture too.

Weight: 335g each

Melt in your mouth Almond Cookies - $16.90
Melt in your mouth Kuih Bangkit - $15.90

Enjoy these Premium Chocolate Waffle Love Letters that cradle chocolate in them. 

Weight: 250g

Premium Chocolate Waffle Love Letter

Since these goodies have no preservatives, they can be kept up to 6 weeks but are advised to be consumed within 4 weeks.

Thank you Qaisara and CNY Goodies Singapore for the media drop.

Wang Lai Bakery
20 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, #03-58 Singapore 573968


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