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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ann Chin Poh Piah

Ann Chin Poh Piah is known for its handmade delicacies - Poh Piah and had quite a long history.

Ann Chin (Since 1958)
Its hard to come across hawkers that are going through the long process producing the thin layer of Poh Piah skin painstakingly by hand on their searing hot pan. I was quite lucky to see that Ann Chin's helper was in the process of making the skins.
Poh Piah Skin Making in Process
The exterior was freshly made. Its soft, thin and chewy nature had shown a big difference as compared to those machine made ones.Generously stuff with boiled "mang kuang" (turnips) and deliciously combined with eggs, lettuce, peanuts and beansprouts. Though such ingredients were moist and would often soften or even had the Poh Piah skin torn, Ann Chin's fragile skin was not affected. In fact, fillings were well retained and a bite of it let off the flavourful juicy Mang Kuang. Yums!

$1.60 per Poh Piah

Cross Section of Poh Piah
 Rating: 3.5 / 5

Ann Chin
Location: Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre, 335 Smith St #02-112, Singapore 050335

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