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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Monki 台灣小吃部

After going to so many Taiwanese cafes, we are back at Monki again. Here's our repeated orders for their beverages and luckily, there was no price hike in the food we had ordered.

Osmanthus Plum Juice 桂花乌梅汁, Monki Milk Tea (Iced) 猴奶茶 - $5 Each
We ordered the Mix Mee Sua with Big Intestine and Oyster. There is definitely improvement with their taste for it was more savoury and stronger in taste with hints of bonito. Oysters were plump and fresh. Definitely better than most of the Taiwanese Cafes now.

Double Mix Mee Sua 双享面线 - $11

Their Taiwan Sausage is authentic and tastes different from what we are having from the supermart. Love its charred flavour and juiciness as we sink our teeth into the meat.

Taiwan Sausage 烤台湾香肠 - $5

We also had this favourite street food in Taiwan. The taste of Salt & Pepper Chicken was flavourful and crispy. 

Taiwan Fried Salt & Pepper Chicken 炸盐酥鸡 - $6

I'm glad that this return trip to Monki had given me more confidence in the tastes of their food and I will want to be back again for Taiwanese fare.

Posted 28th January 2022

Monki 台灣小吃部 was previously at Holland Village and they have relocated to The Star Vista. Perhaps due to the restrictions in travelling, the urge and the constant search for Taiwanese Food seem unstoppable. We joined the queue outside Monki and waited for our turn to dine in.

Monki 台灣小吃部
Monki 台灣小吃部

Picture on Wall

While in the queue, we get to see the address signage on the wall. If you take notice of it, such style exists in Taiwan.

Signage on Wall

It's a disappointment as quite a number of items was sold out when we were there. Eventually, we ordered the Peach Milk drink from the can after learning that their Taiwanese Milk Tea sold out.

Canned Drink - $3.20

The Century Egg has nothing special in particular. A normal appetizer paired with spring onions and strips of ginger drizzled with some sweet black sauce.

Taiwan Century Egg 台湾皮蛋 - $2

We are glad that the sides' portion is not that big and it's good for sharing without overeating. The popcorn chicken was well flavored and addictive. Its suitable for snacking if you want to have just some bites over drinks.

Taiwan Fried Popcorn Chicken 盐酥鸡 - $6

The braised meat rice was served in a stainless steel bowl coupled with yummy braised pork that has a substantial amount of both fatty and lean meat. The braised meat was sweet and tantalizing. 

Taiwan Braised Pork Rice 台湾卤肉饭 - $9

The bowl comes with braised eggs, preserved vegetables, pickles and some greens. 

Delicious Braised Pork on the Rice

The Plum Juice was on the bitter side no doubt sugar has been added.

Osmanthus Plum Juice 桂花乌梅汁 - $5

It's hard not ordering a bowl of Mee Sua whenever I visit a Taiwanese 小吃 place. The Mee Sua was decent accompanied by a smooth texture filled with generous slices of big intestines and these are cooked till soft without having any gamey taste.

Double Mix Mee Sua 双享面线 - $11

We topped up the bowl of Mee Sua with Oysters. Overall, I find that the Mee Sua can be better if the taste is stronger.

Additional Oysters

The milky taste of Yam Snow Flake Dessert is topped with colourful marshmallows and Atap Seeds drizzled with sweet condensed milk. It's refreshing but I still prefer the traditional flavours of a Snow Flake Dessert without having fanciful toppings.

Yam Snow Flake Dessert 芋头雪花冰 - $8

Comparing the Taiwanese food places that we had gone to, I will still prefer the oriental taste of their staple food like Braised Pork Rice and Mee Sua. Nonetheless, I will still want to go make a return visit hoping that I can try the rest of the items that were sold out during this visit.

Posted on June 2022

We were looking for additional food after dinner nearby as our dinner was not satisfying. A return trip to Monki for Taiwanese Drinks and food since there were a lot of items sold out when we visited Monki. At least on this trip, I get to try out their house Milk Tea. 

Grass Jelly Milk Tea 仙草侯奶茶,
Monki Milk Tea (Iced) 猴奶茶,
Soya Bean Milk (Iced) 冰豆浆  - $6, $5, $2

We ordered the Century egg as an appetizer again to share among ourselves.

Taiwan Century Egg 台湾皮蛋 - $2

Likewise, the double mix Mee Sua is also a repeated order for this visit. The standard still remain the same. 

Double Mix Mee Sua 双享面线 - $11

Besides the drink, the only difference in the food order is that we had ordered the Taiwanese Oyster Omelette for sharing. As this style of preparation is totally different from what we have in Singapore, not many of us can get used to the taste. Its sticky starch with egg, oysters and lettuce accompanied by the thick sweet sauce drenching them is a good reminiscent of what I had in the night market of Taiwan.

Taiwanese Oyster Omelette 台式蚵仔煎 - $10

Rating: 3 / 5

Monki 台灣小吃部
The Star Vista, 1, #01-41 Vista Exchange Green, Singapore 138617

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