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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Suzuki Cafe and Roastery

The setup of Suzuki Cafe and Roastery in industrial estate is unique on its own in Singapore and this made me recall my last visit to Johor where similar setup is observed.

It was a rainy day and upon reaching the guard house, we were told to park at the opposite open spaces public carpark.

Along the public road of Suzuki Cafe and Roastery

While the Cafe has been known to us recently, most of us might not realize that Suzuki coffee has been around for decades since the 1970s.

SuzukiCafe and Roastery

The entrance to the building is has given us a welcoming feeling and the style with half curtains over the door reminds me of some Japanese Restaurant.

Entrance to Building

Over to the left of the entrance, the compound was huge and some coffee related murals were drawn on the wall.

Internal Space

As we entered the 1st Level of the cafe, we can see an array of coffee machines as well as a push cart displaying machine and coffee beans.

Level 1, Immediate after Entrance

While midway at the stairsway, you get to see this display on their wall.

Midway at the stairs to Level 2

Upon reaching the 2nd level of the factory, we realised that the theme was some kind Japanese inspired and we felt the Zen atmosphere as we walk into the Cafe.

Japanese Themed

Just near to the entrance of the café, there is one corner with this bamboo watering device fountain. Its a therapeutic way seeing the hollow bamboo brunch gets fills up with water and then topple when its reaches its threshold.

Mini Japanese Garden

You can grab the coffee beans from the rack. There are a number of selections.

The beans

Make your orders over at the counter. They are mainly serving beverages and there are no cooked food.

Over the Counter

The seats by the side of the windows looking into the factory was my favorite.

Mural on Walls looking from Cafe Windows

The Anmitsu Latte only comes in cold version and whipped cream is optional. Matcha taste was light and decent with the used of Hokkaido Milk. They also offers Japanese Soy milk as an alternative with at additional charges. Every drink ordered comes with a piece of Lotus Biscoff speculoos cookie.

Hokkaido Anmitsu Latte (Kyoto Uji Matcha) - $10

Going for the lighter roast coffee. Kenya AA Asali is a unique flavour. This filtered coffee is different from what we can get outside. The coffee is fruity and fragrant with blackcurrants, plums, red apple and notable floral taste. 

Kenya (AA) - $8.50

The vibes of the cafe is pleasant and environment is relaxing. If you want to feel like you are overseas or away from the bustling cafes in malls, you may want to visit Suzuki Cafe & Roastery for a different experience.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Suzuki Cafe & Roastery
Location: 8 Chin Bee Ave, Singapore 619932

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