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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Maruhachi Donburi & Curry

By word of mouth and social media, Maruhachi has gone popular over the weeks. This Japanese stall is located in one of the coffee shops in the HDB estates of Punggol. The stall was opened by the Ex-Head Chef of Tonkatsu Restaurant located at Ion, selling Kurobuta Pork Dishes.

Japanese Stall 

Apparently, Maruhachi is the only stall in the coffee shop that had drawn so many willing customers even though the queue is so long. At the glance of the other stalls in the same coffee shop, they look bored standing in front of the counter watching the forming of long queue of Maruhachi's.
We queued for about 1.5 hours to order our food but a lot of items were already sold out even though we join the queue when the operating hours for the evening starts. After placing our orders, we still have to wait for about 15 minutes for our food.


Pork Katsu Don was deliciously good. Don was served with onsen egg and seaweed. The taste of the Pork Katsu was commendable and addictive. 

Pork Katsu Don - $9.80

Maruhachi offers a range of curry udon on their menu. However, they do have plain hot udon too especially for little kinds who prefer soup and noodle dishes without being spicy.

Plain Udon (Hot) - $6.80

The set reminds me of some quality pork katsu set from one of the restaurants. It comes with shredded cabbages by the side of the breaded Pork katsu with mustard sauce, roasted sesame sauce, and a lemon wedge. The Miso soup looks more interesting with not just seaweed.

Pork Katsu Set - $11.80

Close up

The cross-section of the pork katsu was distinct enough. The first layer was covered thoroughly and evenly with the crumbs. In the middle section, the mean was lean and tender too.

Close up of Pork Katsu

For restaurant quality and standard but at the price of a coffee shop, it is simply worthwhile. On a personal thought, if I need to queue long hours for the food, I don't mind topping up a few dollars more to dine in a more comfortable place without standing in queue for so long. Moreover, the place was not very convenient for me but it's really worth the try.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

 671 Edgefield Plains, Singapore 821673

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