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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Flying Pig

Ever since watching Jay Fai's Thai Crab Omelette on Netflix, I have been longing for a bite on her dish but it is not easy to get a seat at the eating place in Bangkok even before this pandemic hits. While the shop opens at 5pm for dinner, there was already queue formed outside before it even opens.

Flying Pig

Interior was simple and casual, painted with grey walls by the side. One side of the wall adorned with traditional metal trays.


While the other side of the wall was decorated by weaved baskets. 


The drink menu is pasted on the wall beside your table and not shown in the menu.

Lemon Grass and Lemon Butter Fly Pea - $2 Each

I came here for this and was quite excited when this dish came. The egg was runny and spread over the rice with chunks of crab meat and coriander leaves topped on it. It also comes with a bowl of soup and 2 slices of beautifully cut cucumber.

Fried rice omelette (crab) - $10

The fried rice in general was just white rice to us, nothing more fragrant compared to the usual way of Chinese Cze Char Fried Rice which consist of "Wok" taste. The egg has a milky taste and was rather addictive with the given chili.

Closer look for egg with crab chunks

Slices of pork were definitely spicy and reminded me of Shabu Shabu we have from steamboats. The pork was blanched and topped with garlic as well as chili, beware of the chili seeds. Given another try, I will not want to have order this dish again.

Spicy Pork with Lime Salad - $12

Pork Skewers were good but not to die for. It lacked the kind of fragrance that I had from the stalls outside the supermarket upstairs in the golden mile complex.

Pork Skewer (Moo Ping) - $2 Each

The special grilled chicken tasted not too bad in its Smokey aroma and the meat was still tender with some edges charred.

Special Grilled Chicken - $9

There is only one Tom Yum soup to choose from in the menu. The soup was appetizing with tomatoes, celeries, mushrooms in its orangy soup. Its a tad spicy and good for sharing.

Tom Yum Kung - $12

We decided to order additional drinks to cool down the burning tongues and extinguished the fiery heat caused by the chili padi. The take away drinks are more expensive than dining in as they explained that the volume of the drink is more.

Green Tea Thai Milk Tea and Thai Milk Tea - $3 Each 

In general, the food is acceptable but the dishes were not that tasty enough for me to make a return trip in months to come. We could have a better taste and style of individual dish from other Thai Cuisine eating place out of Golden Mile Complex.

Rating: 3 / 5

Flying Pig
 5001 Beach Road #01-39 Golden Mile Complex Singapore 199588

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