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Friday, February 26, 2021

Cafe Bakeaholic

Thanks to the pal for the spontaneous meetup and we drove all the way to check this out. The Bakery was opened by the daughter of Hong Kong TVB Actor Benz Hui. The cafe was located in a mixed commercial and residential area of a freehold property at Springside walk.

Cafe Bakeaholic

The menu is rather limited on the board. However, if you want a full menu, they have a digital copy by scanning the QR code.

Entrance and Scan your Menu with their QR code

Looking through the glass cabinet, there wasn't much pastry or cakes to choose from. Variety is rather limited at the time we went but its still best to check out what they have in their menu.


Catching up with a friend over glasses of latte while we spend our time under the cooling environment over a hot weekend.

Matcha Latte & Latte - $7 Each

Sharing a slice of Hojicha Swiss Roll over some talks on a hot weekend afternoon under the air-conditioned cafe. Besides selling in a slice, they do sell in whole too. There are other flavours of swiss roll like matcha, chocolate and sesame too.

Hojicha Swiss Roll - $4.80

Quite interesting combination, "Croffle". If you enjoy having croissant and waffle, you will enjoy this like I do. Enjoy the croffle together with the not so sweet scoop of chocolate ice cream or any available flavour at your choice.

Maple Croffle (Croissant Waffle) - $5.50

Being the only cafe in the area, one can visit Bakeholic for a dessert fix or if you want to take have a picture with Benz Hui, you can find him in the restaurant and ask for a picture.

Rating: 3 / 5

Cafe Bakeaholic
The Brooks II #01-12 & 13, 25 Springside Green, Singapore 786015


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