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Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Neighbourwok 街坊

If you hear of the Dim Sum in Bukit Batok near the swimming pool, Lai Kee Poa Tin, you got to try out the Fried Prawn Noodle Stall there too. The Neighbourwok is located in the same coffee shop and selling 2 kinds of food, namely, Fried Prawn Mee and Satay. They have been operating for a few months since 28th June 2020.

Stall of The Neighbourwok

Buzzer to pick up your food

Although they are relatively new in the neighbourhood, they are actually one of the best Fried Prawn Noodles in the district. The noodles were flavourful enough with "Wok Hei" taste and subtle sweet egg taste. Even though pork lards were being used in the process, the noodles were neither greasy nor "gelat". 

Fried Prawn Noodle - $4 (Small)

From strands of noodles to the thin strips of pork belly meat, they are generally well accentuated with the prawn broth. On a side note, their homemade Chilli had complimented the dish very well. 

Fried Prawn Noodle - $5 (Big)

The key components in a good plate of Fried Prawn Noodle consist of fresh prawns, pork lards bits, sotong, rich prawn broth, yellow noodles with thick white bee hoon, chilli as well as lime. 

On the other hand, the texture of the noodles is well kept in its shape, being still springy, unlike other places, you may find them already turning soggy when it is served to us. 

A spoonful of Fried Prawn Mee with Pork Lard 

There are 3 types of meat to choose from, Chicken, Pork and Mutton. The cost of a per stick of Mutton Satay is $0.80 each while the rest costs $0.70 each. 


Satays are skewed to perfection, accompanied by aromatic chunky peanut sauce. To elaborate, the meat was thoroughly cooked, especially for Mutton, most places that we ate, the mutton satay was quite tough, dried and gamy. The Neighbourwok had actually done a good job by providing such satisfying satay.

Ho Jiak!

Rating: 4 / 5

The Neighbourwok
Location: 207 Bukit Batok Street 21, Singapore 650207
Nearest MRT Station: Bukit Batok (NS2)
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm daily (Closed on Monday)
                                4pm to 8.30pm (Satay Only)

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