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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

If you have been to the old Margaret Drive Food Centre (now defunct), you will have known that one of the MUST TRY during then is their chicken rice. That was also one of my reasons for going to Magaret Drive Food Centre very frequent with my colleagues. I chanced upon the stall during my visit to Havelock Road Food Centre and joined the queue.

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

On the plate

I have been a fan of their chicken rice for their tender and succulent chicken. I still remember how I came to know of the "jelly-liked" layer of substances in between the meat and the skin ~ collagen. Many of us will snatch to grab that onto our serving as they claimed that this jelly is good for our skin. Ha ha.

A Quarter Chicken - $8

Their soy sauce concoction that drenched the silky and juicy chicken was great to go on top of our plate of fragrant rice too. 

Yummy Poached Chicken

I like that the chilli has a sharp taste. It is spicy and tangy with vinegar and lime, a perfect way to enjoy the meat chunks by dipping them into it. The overall taste was actually a good reminiscent of what I used to have. 

1/4 Chicken with Rice for 2 Pax - $9.60

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice
Location: Havelock Road Cooked Food Centre, 22A Havelock Rd, #01-22, Singapore 161022
Nearest Station: Tiong Bahru (EW17)

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