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Friday, June 26, 2020

Pristine Farms Bird Nest [Media Invite]

The idea of having Freshly Cooked Bird Nest delivered to your house was introduced to me recently. 
I find that such business approach has fitted us well especially in our busy lifestyle. 

Pristine Farms' Freshly cooked Bird Nest ensures that cooking is done on the day of delivery, following ISO2200:2005 and HACCP international food safety standards.

Besides selling original Bird Nest, there are ranges of flavors/toppings available in bottles like 

(1) American Ginseng
(2) Chia Seeds
(3) Goji Berry
(4) Pandan
(5) Red Dates
(6) Rose Water

Pristine Farms has extended its service from their website to online shopping platforms like Qoo10, Shoppe and Lazada.

Ensuring that customers enjoy the freshly cooked Bird Nest, orders were served warm to their doorsteps wrapped in the insulted bag. Service is prompt which makes the delivery arrangement a breeze.

Packaging of Bird Nest

Pandan and Rose Water sparked my interest as I thought it was something rare out in the market. The packaging was simple and presentable. A light fragrance was released as soon as I twisted the cap for both flavors. 

Pandan & Rose Water Bird Nest 

For pandan, the real pandan leaves are used in the process. I find that the bottles of bird nest are of quality without being diluted. The sugar level was not too sweet and it definitely fits my tastebuds.

Close up of Pandan Bird Nest

Considering the amount of bird nest in a bottle, the experience was satisfying and the thickness of the drink was commendable.

Pandan Leave

To be honest, with such standards of the bird nest servings, they are at least on par if not better to the more popular brands in market.

Bird Nest & Pandan Leaves

On top of that, this is a product of Singapore and yes, we should support local.

They offer a subscription service where one can receive bowls of birdnest warm to the doorstep twice weekly. 

We all know that bird nest is nourishing and has a lot of health benefits. With such service in place, it brings us convenience, wouldn't it be nice as a perfect gift especially to someone you care about?

Do take a look at Pristine Farms website for more information on their products.

Paper Bag and Rose Flavour

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