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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Okinawan Diner NIRAI-KANAI

A trip to Great World City has given me an updated sight of what it looks like after their renovation. There were many food options now with one of the eateries from Liang Court, Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai being relocated here. If you have tried Okinawan Cuisine, you will realize that this food served were authentic and not the usual Japanese Food we found in the malls.

Okinawan Diner NIRAI-KANAI
Okinawan cuisine is known for its health and beauty benefits. The word "NIRAI-KANAI" refers to the god's world in the distance of the sea. The environment is casual and welcoming with approachable staff. We dined closer to the inner space of the restaurant and I was quite drawn to the kind of environment that we are in. It felt like dining in a wooden shack with wooden pillars and there are roller blinds that can be drawn down to segregate the dining section or in the event you want to have little privacy, these can be put to good use. On top of that, there are clothes hangers and hooks for you to hang your stuff while dining.

Dining area with roller blind

Menu Book
This was my first encounter with Green Caviar-Seaweed. The texture was interesting, just like popping bubbles in the mouth where the Japanese term it as "puchi-puchi", their expression of the burst of small air bubbles. Besides that, these popular appetizer is also called "Umibudo" which translates into "Sea grapes". Other than the texture and being salty from the Southern Sea, they were added with Ponzu Sauce, giving a citrus kick to it.

Green Caviar-Seaweed with Ponzu Sauce - $14
Pork Belly is classic! They are originally a form of Okinawan Royal Cuisine but now its well known and Pork Belly were well done! They were slow-cooked in 3 Okinawan favourite seasonings, Awamori (Okinawa distilled liquor), soy sauce and Okinawan Brown Sugar. The taste and texture had bought over me. It was not too fatty or sweet. In fact, I find that these pieces of Pork Belly were fork tender and sauces were use just in the rights amounts.

Simmered Pork Belly - $14.80 (4 pcs)
A simple yet flavourful dish to have with an alternative to your usual bowl of ramen. They were termed as Okinawa Soba and one of the famous cuisines in Japan. These soba are not made from buckwheat but eggs, just like Ramen. These egg noodles were simmered in pork broth and come in 3 sizes. Small $7.60++, Medium $9.80++ and Large $14.80++.

Soup Noodle with Simmered Pork Rib - $9.80 (Medium)
Last but not least we have the popular dessert of Okinawa, Chinbin with Whipped Cream. This traditional dessert is given to kids on May 4th or 5th of the Lunar Calendar. these traditional brown sugar crepe were served with cream to bring out the fragrance of the Okinawa brown sugar. On a side note, this dish resembles what my mum feed her kids with those days. except that ours were served in round pan-sized without them being rolled up or any brown sugar on it. It's more of the "original" taste without "toppings".

Okinawan Brown Sugar Pancake with Whipping Cream - $9.80
Fresh flower tea is a good match to the Okinawan cuisine and popular during hot summer days. It has benefits in aiding digestion. Not only that the scent of the flowers gives relaxing effects, a good way to recover fatigue if you are experiencing one.

Sanpin-Cha (Jasmine Tea)

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai
Location: Great World City, 11 Kim Seng Promenade#01-107/108 Singapore 237994

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