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Friday, November 15, 2019

Sunset Railway Cafe

Having visited so many times to the Clementi Arcade for Cakes and Ice Cream, I have never noticed Sunset Railway Cafe until one day it was suggested that we will be having our breakfast there.

They do local breakfast sets from Kopi O, Roti with Kaya to serving chicken Macaroni. Environment was nostalgic with some old school stuff around and it kind of feels homely.

We have the Soft Boiled Eggs as "Starters" before the main meal. The eggs were skilfully prepared for they were not too cook or uncook. Simple dish but grabbing its timing to get the correct texture of those eggs are rather tricky.

Soft Boiled Eggs - $2.10
One of the local favourites, Mee Siam was deliciously prepared in the mild spicy gravy topped with chives and fried shallots. The gravy was sour, tangy and appetising in its taste. Ingredients were quite straight forward with hard boiled egg and cut tau pok. Perhaps the only difference is that they have added some prawns.

Mee Siam - $6.50
Basmati rice was packed of coconut fragrance. The default Nasi Lemak came with fried peanuts anchovies, cucumber, rendang chicken and some crackers. Surprisingly the rendang chicken was deliciously good. We have added Otah to complete our meal.

Nasi Lemak - $7.80 added with Otah $1.20
They are pretty popular for the traditional peranakan dishes and having tasted its rendang chicken, it will be most possible that we will be back again for it.  Though the mains in the menu were rather limited, they are serving some homely cooked food with love. Service was friendly and it has a good ambiance if you want to hide away from the crowd.

Rating: 3 / 5

Sunset Railway Cafe 
Location: 41 Sunset Way Singapore 597071

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