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Thursday, May 16, 2019

May Veggie Home

This was my first experience having vegetarian meals and visiting 100% Vegan Eatery as an itinerary during my travel. A different approach and of course an eye opener to me enjoying people watching while immersing ourselves into the home cook vegan dishes. Thanks to our pal's recommendation, else the trip to May Veggie Home would not have materialized.

Maggie Vegan Cuisine
Diners came here not just by words of mouth. In fact May Veggie Home has been also feature in tripadvisor and HappyCow, thus the crowd would would not be just only locals but foreigners too. In terms of its location, they are easily accessible via BTS (Asok Station) or a stone throw away from the shopping mall Terminal 21.

Recommendation on Trip Advisor
There's a merchandise corner for healthy food and you can pick them home.

With such welcoming decorations in the corner, we find that the environment was rather cosy and unpretentious.

Good that the restaurant is environmental friendly as they are using paper straws. Both drinks were definitely refreshing to beat the hot weather. For Lemon Grass drinks, diner get to see the original lemon grass plant in the cup and we were all glad that they tasted great without being too sweet.

Iced Lemon Grass & Iced Thai Tea - 59 Baht Each
We started the appetizers with the Grilled Vegetarian Bacon. "Bacon" texture was almost there, crispy and produce a kind of smoky flavor, wrapping around the small bunch of enoki mushrooms. It would be perfect with this bacon were thinner.

Grilled Vegetarian Bacon - 149 Baht
I would comment that this Cauliflower Spicy Wing was an interesting creation. I would have think they were meat balls if we were not in a vegetarian eatery. It was actually made up of cauliflower, battered and deep fried then coated with some spicy sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Though drenched under the sauce, the crispiness were still well kept.

Cauli-BON CHON - 129 Baht
Its hard not to order the staple Thai dishes when we are in Bangkok. Vegetarian Shrimp Tom Yum with Coconut Meat was served in an earthen pot, keeping the soup warm. Often I will order the clear Tom Yum Soup and will avoid the orange broth but definitely not for this. Coconut milk was sparingly used in the dish without compromising its taste.

Tom Yum Kung - 149 Baht (Small)
There were still some fiery kicks in between mouthful of sips and I love the fragrance of its lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and other ingredients. 

Plentiful of Ingredients
Pineapple Fried Rice was nicely presented in the fruit itself. The fried turmeric rice was topped with "Chinese Sausage", pineapple, raisin, cashew nuts and shredded soy "meat".

Kao-Pad-Sap-Pa-Rod - 220 Baht
This dish reminds me me of Larb Moo, one of my favourite Thai dishes. Nevertheless, the vegetarian version having fried Minced Tofu in Basil Sauce is also one of the better dishes we had ordered. The presence of basil fragrance and texture from the fried Tofu had already won our hearts.

Krapraow Tofu - 129 Baht
Phad Thai with Tofu just as the dish name suggested. It was nothing fanciful and quite decent as a noodle dish.

Phad Thai Tofu - 119 Baht
Also indicated as one of the gluten free dish on the menu. The stir fried Chinese Kale with "Veg Salted Fish" or "Tofu" was a heart warming dish. Vegetables were crunchy and the gravy together with the "Salted Fish" blends in well and lifted the taste of the dish.

Pad Ka Nah Pla Kem - 129 Baht
The greedy us could not stop looking at the menu and finally decided that we should order something from its Western Menu. Vegan Burger Bun was fragrant, soft and was home made. BBQ Shredded Soy Meat was sandwiched and topped with cashew nut cheese. Presentation had scored points here too with food items served on a cross section of a tree trunk. Besides the burger, platter was served with sides like salad, onion rings , cheesy dip and ketchup.

BBQ Cheese Burger - 249 Baht
The cold drinks we ordered from the start were just not enough for our dehydrating bodies. We had a pot of hot lemongrass too.

Hot Lemongrass - 69 Baht
Overall, the food was interesting and generally tastes good. However, the pet peeve were their service standards. Most of the time we had to wave frantically before grabbing their servers attention, it felt that they were looking at our direction yet not attending to us till we stand up and head towards the counter.

May Veggie Home
Location: 8/3 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Khwaeng Khlong Toei, Khet Khlong Toei, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110

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