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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Li Zai Ge Hui Rou Fan 李仔哥爌肉饭

We were given a few choices for lunch while leaving Qing Jing heading to the next destination, Tai Chung. Our Tour guide highly recommended this place as its quite popular in the area and had been there 40 over years.

Li Zai Ge operates from the morning till about 3pm in the afternoon, serving breakfast from 6am. This place is well liked by locals as well as tourists. During Weekends and Public Holidays, the entire place will be flocked with patrons.

Li Zai Ge Hui Rou Fan 李仔哥爌肉饭
We were quite lucky in the sense that the lunch crowd is over and we still get to reach the place before it closed. However, the cons were that quite a number of dishes were sold out and choices were limited.

Preparing to close for the day

While we were there, the staff were busying doing washing and cleaning its area. Nevertheless there are still 1 or 2 groups of customers ordering from them.

In the Stall
Menu was straight forward and not too complicated with 5 main items, 6 side dishes and 4 soup dishes for diners to choose from. Diners just have to indicate on the slip of paper to place order.

Ordering Menu
Some commented that for this price that we were paying, its actually equivalent to Taipei's pricing. Converting to Singapore Dollar, its about $3.50. Well, given the portion we would say its rather a standard pricing in terms of our living standard.

Pork Ribs retained a traditional braised taste. The method frying them before braising had lend a salty and crispy taste. Not to mentioned that the pork rib was a big and thick piece, covering up the entire bowl of rice. The braised sauce not only infiltrated the ribs, giving it moisture and makes the meat chewy. Definitely worth what we were paying for.

排骨饭 - 80 TWD
Although priced at 70 TWD maybe little steep for the local, she still draw a constant crowd daily till sold out. The signature dish that Li Zai Ge pride themselves with. Many may dislike pork belly due to its oiliness or greasiness but this pork belly has distinctive layers of lean meat and fat. Meat was braised till tenderness and a slight pull with chopsticks may have them disintegrated. That's why they made use of toothpick to keep the belly in its original state. Paring the meat with yellow pickles and cabbages, it completed the bowl of rice. Simple and tastes good!

Braised Pork Rice 爌肉饭 - 70 TWD
We have additional side items and of course when it comes to braised shop like this, I could not let my rice go plain without pairing with its braised sauce.

Braised Egg and Tau Gua - 10 TWD Each
Overall, I find that their standards are above average and living up to its name. For those who will be passing by Nantou to or from Qing Jing, do not forget to visit this place if you do not mind having braised meat rice.

Li Zai Ge Hui Rou Fan 李仔哥爌肉饭
Location: No. 326, Xinyi Road, Puli Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 545
                545 Puli, Taiwan

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