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Friday, April 19, 2019

Kogane Yama

Haven't been travelling to the corner 1st floor of JEM for quite sometime and notice that there were quite some changes and that includes new eatery like Kogane Yama. As Kogane Yama was specialized in Premium Tendon Bowls, the menu selection can be quite limited for some. In fact we had chosen their Donburi Sets instead. Let's take a look at what we had ordered.

Simply love the Aburi flavours and texture on pieces of half grilled salmon. The rest of the ingredients include torched Mentaiko Sauce, cucumber, tamago and rice. Tamago and cucumber were cut into smaller cubes. Tempura Crispy bits were included and it gave another level of crunch in the food.

Aburi Salmon Mentai Don - $12.80
Eel with scrambled eggs was great and eggs were the kind of soft watery type with onions. Eel was served in several pieces and we satiate our taste buds in the soft, mild richness from its sweet tasting sauce.

Unagi Tugi Don -$13.90
Adding on to the meal at $3, we get to enjoy a bowl of Chawanmushi as well as a bowl of Miso Soup. Chawanmushi was well flavoured with fishcake, mushroom and chicken as ingredients.
Chawanmushi & Miso Soup - $3
For simple and nice Donburi, I dont mind having Kogane Yama back in JEM again.

Rating: 3 / 5

Kogane Yama
Location: JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-15 Singapore 608549

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